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The Jungle Book | 543.1m Overseas | 885.6m Worldwide

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2 hours ago, Olive said:

Mark my words, this and Zootopia will both fall short of $1B  milestone.:ph34r:


TJB will be short of $1B significantly.

Zoo still has a very small chance of getting to $1B.

Either way, they are wildly profitable already. No one can say with a straight face that either one is a failure.

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It's just crazy that they'll reach/they've reached $900M. I mean I would have been happy with around $500-600M for either of them. These numbers are completely insane. If they miss $1B, no big deal.


P.S. After the success of these two films, Disney is guaranteed to win the year. Fox is its only significant rival and its chances to beat Disney are slim.

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taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh


#TheJungleBook to cross ₹ 150 cr today! [Week 3] Fri 3.58 cr, Sat 6.65 cr, Sun 8.69 cr, Mon 3.02 cr, Tue 3.01 cr. Total: ₹ 148 cr nett. ATBB


Amazing run in India. 30M is locked, could push towards 35M.

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The actuals for the weekend is $98.9M (-28.6%)


854k admissions for 2nd week (-34%) in France, very good and 2.16M total

For comparison: 

- KFP3: 2.24M admissions

- BvS: 2.44M

- Deadpool: 3.76M

- The Revenant: 3.78M

- Zootopia: 4.63M (1st movie this year for now)

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This movie is on fi-i-ire! Up to Wednesday (Mojo):


Domestic:  $205,915,783    35.7%
Foreign:  $371,000,000    64.3%

Worldwide:  $576,915,783  


Some updated market totals:

$107,300,000 China (27/04)

$  34,200,000 UK (27/04)

$  31,400,000 India (27/04)

$  18,100,000 Russia (27/04)

$  17,000,000 Australia (27/04)

$  16,400,000 Mexico (26/04)

$  16,100,000 France (26/04)

$  10,600,000 Germany (26/04)




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Wow at my country's contribution. Going to gross full 10+ million more than the 2nd highest grossing hollywood movie of all time. I am having a hard time seeing any upcoming Hollywood movie (2016/2017) challenging that number.

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