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The Jungle Book | 543.1m Overseas | 885.6m Worldwide

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4 hours ago, picores said:

SK trend to embrace good films...i'm expecting a good run there. Japan should do great too....I'm not ruling out 1B, not yet at least.


I think it could do 3M-4M admissions here in SK. so far the buzz is not too great but would fare particularly well in summer with its visual with lighter competition in early June and it could have a Mad Max or Rise of the Planet of the Apes type of run with good word of mouth.

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Disney had more great news with the continued strong overseas performance of The Jungle Book, which took in an estimated $57.1 million from 53 territories.  That brings the film’s overseas total to $432.7 million and global haul to $684.8 million.  Total grosses to date for individual markets include $129.8 million in China, $42.5 million in the United Kingdom, $33.8 million in India, $19.7 million in Mexico, $19.1 million in France, $18.8 million in Australia and $18.7 million in Russia.


Source: BoxOffice.com


145M+ holdovers and 60M+ (Japan, SK, Hk)


638M OS and 355M DOM for 993M


I believe in 1B!

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23 hours ago, Quigley said:

If that is all part of the weekend, then it's $59.2M. 40.1% drop. Not bad but needs smaller drops to reach $1B.


That's actually an excellent drop imo. It faced $200.4 million worth of competition from Civil War in most countries.

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$700M WW baby! Or did Deadline f*ck up the numbers? Huge international increase compared with Sunday.


Deadline: The Jon Favreau-helmed Jungle-naut has a $255.8M domestic gross through Monday and $452.8M internationally. That brings the worldwide cume to $708.6M.


Overseas, China is the lead market with $138.8M to become Disney’s third biggest release in the country behind Zootopia ($234.4M/1.52B yuan) and Avengers: Age Of Ultron ($235.5M/1.46B yuan). In India, TJB is the highest-grossing Hollywood release of all time with $34.4M. Other top markets include the UK ($48M), Mexico ($19.9M) and France ($19.4M).






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