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New proposition to make benefit for glorious box office forums site (Captain America total)

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This one is very simple members of the forums.  


I think some of you Marvel loonies have gone a little crazy.  Predicting Captain America to do all kinds of crazy numbers.


Here's the proposition.....


I'll put my $100 up against ten of you.  I say that Captain America does not make 400 million domestic.  If it doesn't, all who take this challenge will owe the site $10.00.  If it does make 400 million domestic, then I will pay $10.00 per person to the site to a maximum of $100.00.


It's a win win.  Let's see who really has the stones to put it on the line.


Deadline to accept this challenge is Wednesday May 4th at midnight.


So it's simple....just accept the challenge or don't.


There can be more than 10 people to accept this challenge....however if you lose, you must pay up to the site.  


Who's in?

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25 minutes ago, RascarCapat said:

Is any admin checking that people who bet donations and loose are actually paying up ?


I'm sure most people are, but bets loose their purpose when people don't honnor them.


Yes, we do check.  You can also see the amount of money that has been donated to the forums on the main page.  So yes, we are keeping people honest.

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3 minutes ago, BoxOfficeZ said:

I'd be willing to take that bet, I'm thinking 409m. Its a win-win for the site.


I'll probably pay the site anyways even if I win because I love this place.

BoxofficeZ, when are you seeing CA3?

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