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Transformers: The Last Knight (June 23, 2017)

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Transformers 4 came just before XR collapsed. It was really lucky...


Russia: $45M vs $24M

China: $320M vs $300M (Obviously in China everything could happen, no matter XR)

Germany: $32M vs $38M

GB: $29M vs $33M


I don't think this can increase again OS (Maybe if China makes $450M) I'd say $200M US + $750M OS ($350M-$400M from China). This won't come to 1B B) (Changing XR could change my opinion though)

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Basically almost every country will drop. China will definitely drop, as will US. As @Agafin said, $1B is unlikely to happen, especially with the horrible ER (assuming the ER will remain as bas as it is now). Even with an improved ER, simialr to 2014, it is still unlikely to reach $1B.

US: $200-220M


China: $230-270M


WW: $810-910M

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18 minutes ago, keysersoze123 said:

China PS has been quite weak(it started quite late as well). But I am sure it will pick up starting monday. I cant think of too many sequels dropping in China and so I am not expecting it to gross below 2B Yuan. But it may not increase much. 


You're expecting it to increase from $320m? I thought that staying flat was the most optimist scenario. Didn't the last one had a month to itself? Will this one receive the same support from Government?

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