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Jackie | December 2, 2016 (Limited) | New Trailer on Page 3!

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EXCLUSIVE: It took two festivals for it to happen, but Fox Searchlight has finally closed a deal with LD Entertainment for U.S. rights to Jackie, the Pablo Larrain-directed drama that stars Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy. The film covers the days following JFK’s assassination in Dallas in 1963, as the grieving widow with two young and suddenly fatherless children tried to cement her slain husband’s historical legacy. FSL quickly set the film for a December 9 release.  This adds another lauded movie to the Oscar race, and it is the first major studio deal for an acquisitions title since Toronto began last week.

Several bidders have circled since the film’s debuts in Venice and Toronto — word was the bids neared the eight figure range and that interested parties included EuropaCorp. While others vied for it, it has felt inevitable that the film would go to FSL presidents Steve Gilula and Nancy Utley. Jackie comes out of the festivals with enviable awards momentum, and FSL has experience in moving quickly to take a Toronto film and turn it into an awards contender, as it did with The Wrestler.  Jackie got strong reviews for what has been touted as a career performance by the Oscar-winning Portman as the former First Lady, facing one of the nation’s darkest moments with grace, dignity and a determination that the husband slain alongside her in that Texas motorcade would not be forgotten by history. She crafted the ‘Camelot’ image that has always defined the JFK presidency.


Couldn't resist the title :lol: 

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10 minutes ago, stripe said:

Portman is looking as a real contender for a nomination.


I would love to see a lineup with Portman, Amy Adams (Arrival) and Sally Field (My name is Doris).

I think the lineup will be Adams/Davis/Ruth Negga/Portman/Stone. Sally Field was wonderful but unfortunately her movie came out too early in the year and won't be contending for anything else.

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41 minutes ago, filmlover said:

I think the lineup will be Adams/Davis/Ruth Negga/Portman/Stone. Sally Field was wonderful but unfortunately her movie came out too early in the year and won't be contending for anything else.


Jessica Chastain with Ms Sloane as well, people who watched a screening say she is great.

It's a strong competition for women this year.

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1 hour ago, babz06 said:

Black Swan was a sexy thriller. This is a more traditional drama, i think The Queen numbers are a good target, although Jackie O was considered "American royalty" so who knows. 

I agree, it's not a reasonable expectation  though I could see it going a bit lower or higher depending on how well it goes over with the public (vs. the critics) and if it feels "been there, done that" to people, as there have been a lot of books and TV movies about Jackie through the years.


Here's a clip from the movie:



Before everyone jumps in criticizing her voice, here's the real Jackie for comparison:



Friends teased her about the breathiness she affected in interviews and insisted her voice wasn't quite so....Marilyn Monroe-esque in private conversation. Here she is in 1960, months before the election in a more relaxed setting. Still a soft voice but slightly less put on. You get to see a humorous side that she's not really known for, though obviously it won't be displayed too much in this movie:



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