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Jackie | December 2, 2016 (Limited) | New Trailer on Page 3!

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I was perusing RT and it looks like this has dropped steadily the last few days, especially from top critics. Current score is 85% (79-14), 76%  (22-7) from top critics. I think this  was still 97% the last time I looked.

Biopics can be a tough sell, I don't think I've ever paid to see one in the theater myself, so it's not surprising it has been sliding a bit since release.



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I couldn't get through 25 minutes. I thought she was really forced and I don't like when I can SEE someone acting. Acting is about realism, I shouldn't watch you act. I should watch you BE the character. Honestly I turned it off because not only was the movie itself completely boring and about nothing just her talking, but given I thought the performance was terrible there was zero hope of recovery. Glad other people enjoy it; I thought it was laughable.


PS: I normally love Natalie! She's fantastic. I just didn't think she nailed this one.

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