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Tele's Year in Movies - 2016 | Top Ten is Up! (pg 4) | It's Finished, It's Done

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    On 1/25/2017 at 7:12 PM, baumer said:

    Great job on the video @Telemachos.


    Some quick thoughts:


    ...You're obviously under Trump's new MK Ultra initiative, just like the rest of America, as witnessed by your love for a truly horrible film, Moonlight...

    Alright I understand you didn't like it but if Trump had control of our movie watching, Moonlight wouldn't be allowed to be released :P

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    Haven't got around to the list until now, but for my thoughts:


    Surprised Arrival was #1. I saw you give more praise to Lion around the forums more, but I guess I just wasn't paying close attention. But I really can't complain about the movie being that high.


    Luv Manchester and HoHW.


    Still need to see a good chunk of the top 15, as pretty much all of them look great.


    Nice to see Zootopia got an honorable mention.

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    Great videos Tele - you should be an editor or something...


    Good lists too, nice to see some love for The Lobster and Hunt for the Wilderpeople. I still don't understand everyone's hard on for Arrival though.

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    I see all these lists here and elsewhere and how they place Arrival.


    I get the feeling that when I finally get to see it this week, I am not going to find it okay. It's either going to be amazing or horribly overrated. 

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