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ANT-MAN AND THE WASP | 406.0 M overseas ● 622.7 M worldwide

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10 hours ago, Valonqar said:

I don't think it over-performed internationally. It had a stumbling block in LA, but sizzling success in SK and China was a good OW increase but MI6 cut its legs shorter. 400M OS has always been in cards so nothing above expected. I remember that we initially projected the movie to hit 700M WW, then there was Ant Man over JL but neither prediction materialized. 

According to BOM, it increased in Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Mexico (although by little margin in some of them), and there is no comp for Ecuador, Perú and Paraguay. It only had lower gross than the first in Argentina and Venezuela, but that is obvious.

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An Ant Man movie is gonna have a bigger OS gross than an X-men movie (Apocalypse), a Wolverine movie (Logan), about on par with Wonder Woman and little less than Justice League. 

An Ant Man movie!


That to me is very respectable that a d-lister stands amongst the biggest names in comics. 

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9 hours ago, Valonqar said:

Oh, it's a great success and lets not forget over Solo on every front! :lol: It skews older because family man character, regular family problems (none of fancy royal household drama of Asgard and Wakanda), older cast in general and that's always going to attract less teens who gravitate toward younger characters or older characters with cool lifestyle (playboy billionaire vs deadbeat dad) who feel younger. It increased from the first more than much more anticipated Vol 2 increased from GOTG and that's saying something. 

They are going to need another Marvel character to increase the domestic grosses. It worked for Thor. 

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True. It's hard to judge the boxoffice of movies such as Ragnarok, SMH, CW on the main character pull when presence of other characters was clearly a factor. However, it's a good strategy, IMO, to add popular characters from other movies when the lead exhaust his/her audience. Always on a lookout for growth. Thor/Hulk pairing was smashing. 

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3 hours ago, Rebeccas said:

Isn't this like the first true solo Marvel film in ages too? Even the first Antman had a Falcon cameo lol.

Well, it has two title heroes, and the plot is fairly influenced by Civil War....    


but yes, it has the fewest appearances by characters from other sub franchises since gotg2 and DS.

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