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ANT-MAN AND THE WASP | 406.0 M overseas ● 622.7 M worldwide

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Os for Marvel:

IW: $1366M (at 1363.9M after a 1M Os-Weekend)

AoU:  $946.4M

Avengers: $895.5M

IM 3: $805.8M

CA: CW: $745.2M

BP: $646.6

SM 3: $554.3M (Not Disney)

SM: HC: $546M

Thor: R: $538.9M

X-Men: DoFP: $513.9M

TaSM 2: $506.1M

TaSM: $495.9M

GotG 2: $473.9M (If Ant-Man 2 get's around this level that would be really impressive)

CA: TWS: $454.5M

DS: $445.1M

GotG: $440.2M

Thor: TDW: $438.2M

DP: $420M

SM: $418M

SM 2: $410.2M

DP2: $409.2M




Ant-Man $339.1M


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Very "Meh" opening in Latin America. In Brasil it actually decreased a bit from the first one but that's the WC+ER effect. In the southern cone (Argentina-Chile-Uruguay) it will debut third/fourth in admissions.  Winter's Holidays in Uruguay didn't help that much.


I think in Latin America Ant-Man will be lost in the shuffle because there's a lot of competition incoming and I2 and JW are holding very well.

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On 7/8/2018 at 10:33 PM, fabiopazzo2 said:


Wow South Korea! And yess Indonesia! With that OW, it will likely cross $10m in Indonesia and if it does, then it will be the 5th consecutive $10m+ movie for MCU (SM:H, Ragnarok, BP, IW). Before that, only 4 other MCU movies managed to do this: The Avengers, AoU, IM3 and CW. I'm amazed at how Ant-Man became this popular here. Maybe because the tone of the movie fits our taste. It's light but not stupid, entertaining, funny, with cool actions, and more relatable than Doctor Strange or GotG.

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29 minutes ago, Lucasmessi12 said:

Strong in Asia, meh in latin America, Australia and maybe Europe, i think $420M overseas.

It's doing pretty good in spain, europe will be fine. But yeah LA is a problem. 

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