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Comicbook movies in 2017 : Choose your favorite one!

Your favorite comicbook/superhero movie of the year?  

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  1. 1. Your favorite comicbook/superhero movie of the year?

    • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
    • Wonder Woman
    • Spider-Man Homecoming
    • Thor Ragnarok
    • Justice League
    • Logan

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Can't rate Logan, cause I haven't seen it yet.


Thor: my favorite!

Either Spider-Man: Homecoming or Wonder Woman. 

Either Spider-Man: Homecoming or Wonder Woman. 

Justice League








GOTG 2: this and the first one just aren't my cup of tea. Fortunately for me, didn't see them in the cinema, and won't be seeing the third one at all.

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In before the lock. 


Thor easily.


Wonder Woman and Logan about the same. Both are good. 


The rest each has some bright spots but are otherwise, whatever movies. 

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The Avengers: 8.4/10

TDKR: 7.9/10

Amazing Spider-Man: 6.7/10


Dredd: Haven't seen yet




Man Of Steel - 9.2/10

Iron Man 3 - 6.9/10

Thor 2 - 6.5/10

Wolverine - 6/10




Winter Soldier - 8.8/10

Days Of Future Past - 8.2/10

Guardians Of The Galaxy - 8/10

Amazing Spider-Man 2 - 3.5/10




Ant-Man - 6.5/10

Avengers AoU - 6.2/10

Fan4stic - 2/10




BvS UC - 8.5/10

Civil War - 8/10

Deadpool - 7.5/10

Doctor Strange - 7.1/10

X-Men Apocalypse - 6.5/10

Suicide Squad - 4/10 




Logan - 9.3/10

WW - 8.4/10

Spider-Man: Homecoming - 7.8/10

Valkyrie: The Movie - 7.5/10

Guardians - 7.3/10

Justice League - 5.9/10

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1 minute ago, Goffe said:

they were all bad. even the good one (logan) has soured with me big time since i saw it in march.

Prior to this year, I was all "Comic book movies suck"


But come on, there were some pretty good ones this year (and they had a variety of styles), surely one had to be your cup of tea.

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