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Jurassic World: Dominion | June 10 2022 | 6th Most Profitable Movie of 2023

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5 minutes ago, Valonqar said:

Not to mention all those cheesy boxoffice headlines using words Dominate, Domination, Dominant, etc. 


Dont give them ideas. Im still traumatized by Mojos Coverage (Keith Simmons) back when JW1 was released.

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28 minutes ago, JGAR4LIFE said:

The hook + the original trio back together should be enough for audiences who skipped on FK to come back

I'm not actually convinced the original trio will make much difference. We've already had Goldblum back, that wad has been shot. 


However if this film embraces the dumb, all-out carnage JW1 promised but never really delivered on then it could be the best of the trilogy by default. 

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7 hours ago, Brainbug said:


To even try to find any kind of plausability in this franchise after The Lost World is a stretch i have to say - and i say that as a hardcore fan.

The premise in TLW is a completely different thing, though.

Yes, trying to open that park again and again might seem a bit awkward, but also feels like totally human. A lot of things happen because of money, that later turn out...not so great. 


The supposed premise in JW3 is in a completely different ballpark of "hard to believe".

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This is filming right now in Merritt, BC, where I'm currently living. They've got a huge set going on sort of on the outskirts at one of the big mills which has been shut down for awhile now. They're also doing a bit of filming in and around the Coldwater hotel right in town. Kind of funny seeing these big trucks and trailers trying to get around on our small town streets haha 

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Chris Pratt has also apparently been spotted around. He posted a video on Instagram while on the highway between Kamloops (where they're also filming) and Merritt. To be honest it was a bit of a wake up call that maybe I take where I live for granted a bit. That drive is indeed pretty scenic and beautiful.

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On 2/26/2020 at 6:42 AM, Poseidon said:

I'm still not convinced there is any story that makes it plausible, that 20 runaway-dinos take over a world full of war weapons an that within a timespan, in which Ellie Sattler and her collegues are still alive. 


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1 minute ago, THUNDER BIRD said:

Avatar 2 postpones to few months, Jurassic World Dominion releases on Christmas-New Year window and make me win that bet with @charlie Jatinder

why will Disney leave Xmas for Tier C franchise. if anything Thor 4 will come.


this is tough. @Eric Lightfoot where's fanwars thread

Edited by charlie Jatinder
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