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Moonfall | February 3, 2022 | Lionsgate | Roland Emmerich | Movie about the moon on a collision course with Earth | Not releasing in Canada

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3 hours ago, lorddemaxus said:

Lol Moonfall twitter account liking all the tweets that say this looks better than Don't Look Up (which it does).

Oddly enough I agree with this. Done Look Up looks like a incredibly pretenetious and painfully obvious attempt at satire which will shove it's main point (the comet as a allegory for global warming) in you face  where as Moonfall at least has no pretensions and  is pretty clear about it being "disaster porn".

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This is gonna flop. There's no money shots here that make it stand out from the plethora of disaster movies we've seen over the decades and the fact the studio released the opening scene of the movie months before it came out (a marketing tactic usually reserved as a last ditch effort) indicates even they know it has zero buzz and aren't expecting much.

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Bad Moon Rising is such an earworm. Terrible 😉

Maybe it's because I'm from Germany and Emmerich etc. but I don't have such a bad feeling.

At least I'm looking forward to track it (and after the underperformance of Matrix 4 I'm warned when it comes to IMAX screens - but this movie won't get only 1 or 2 shows/day and has no damn HBO Max competition).


I also guess with its 150M production budget (according to imdb) and sadly under so bad circumstances it doesn't have a real chance to turn into a hit. But IMO, this has more of a MEG feeling (if only the conditions would be better!).

Personally I was fully convinced that I won't see another Emmerich movie in theaters after Independence Day 2 but now - after the third trailer - I indeed plan to see this movie. 


By the way, it's true that he himself set standards which are hard to surpass but at least WW that's also an advertisement and e.g. 2012 was ok but I don't remember much to be honest and the space itself is far more exciting (again only IMO of course but look at movies like Gravity or The Martian or Independence Day, of course other movies didn't work like e.g. Ad Astra but that was to expect).


But ... that's all grey theory till the tracking starts and even then, many surprises can happen as we know, hopefully this time in a positive way.

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2 hours ago, AJG said:

Reviews slowly coming in.


2012 era Emmerich has returned?




Oh man Brad Jones now that's a trip down memory lane, I didn't realize he was still going. I've found his opinions (esp for schlocky stuff like this) lines up with mine pretty well so I'm hyped to find out what's really going on with the moon.

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