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Eric the Extra-Terrestrial

The Batman | March 4, 2022 | Warner Bros. | Certified Fresh on RT | Comes to HBO Max April 18!

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7 minutes ago, marveldcfox said:

Too dark and dreary. Polar opposite of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam and upcoming The Suicide Squad.


I don't see how those will fit into this universe and even Joker for that matter.

They don’t fit into this universe, because they aren’t part of it. This is a completely different continuity. 

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Youtube - 2,7 million

Youtube (IGN) - 750,000

Twitter (The Batman) - 8,5 million

Twitter (Warner Bros Brasil) - 1,3 million

Twitter (random account) - 275,000

Twitter (Rotten Tomatoes) - 150,000

Facebook (Batman) - 2,6 million

Facebook (Warner Bros. Pictures) - 208,000

Vimeo (Matt Reeves) - 125,000


There's a lot of vids on Youtube with over 100,000 views.

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3 hours ago, grey ghost said:

Also I love Nirvana. They give me goosebumps anytime they're added to a trailer.


And Pattinson's voice is already one of the best.


Up there with Keaton.


And the Se7en influence, the Batmobile and the batsuit...


Yeah I can't see how anyone complains about this.

Fanboys always complain. 😕

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That is probably one of the most well received trailers i’ve seen in the past years 


Despite a few people complaining calling Rob the “twilight guy” and saying his voice is too soft and he looks too messed up so it doesn’t match Batman (lol), i only see raves


It’s an excellent teaser, Pattinson is great, and Matt Reeves seems to know everything he should do to deliver based on his speech on the pannel.

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I hope the movie goes all in on the “is he a hero or a psycho” theme this is clearly hinting at. I feel like that beatdown at the end isn’t meant to look cool, it’s meant to make you think the guy has a screw loose and maybe it’s kind of odd we’re cheering him on.



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23 minutes ago, RealLyre said:

After some decades we finally get a Batman movie with a good looking cast. 

99,78% of the World confirmed ugly if the cast of TDKR is not considered as attractive. 

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Twitter - 15 million views (The Batman) (360k likes, 134k rts, 70k quotes)

1,9 million views (Warner Bros Brasil)

Batman - 835,000 on TTs


Youtube - 6,2 million views (Warner Bros)


Facebook - 4,6 million views (Batman page)

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9 minutes ago, RealLyre said:

they probably shot this out of order so 25% of footage is plenty to choose stuff from 


I'm 100% sure they shot it out of order but that doesn't automatically mean it's a lot of good stuff to use in marketing. It limits your options to put together a coherent story in trailer form by quite a bit. To take The Dark Knight as an example it could've been as if the majority of what they shot were the more mundane scenes like Lucius Fox's visit in Hong Kong or Bruce chilling on his yacht... you gonna put that exciting footage in a Batman trailer? And then to also make it form a story through all the footage that builds the proper intrigue for the film, it's not easy when you don't get to choose from even a sizeable bit of the production.

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