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The Equalizer 2 | July 20 2018 Trailer pg 4

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Just now, AJG said:


They expect people to know what “EQ2” means? Is the first one really in the public consciousness like that?

That was my first thought, maybe their recent market study showed people loved more the idea of a new Denzel action movie when unattached to the franchise then when attached to the franchise ?


It did feel like an odd decision to hide Equalizer from marketing (because I too imagine it is not that obvious too many people).


At least marketing study when the first movie was studied shown small awareness for the franchise:

THE EQUALIZER HAS LITTLE BRAND AWARENESS: The Equalizer has the lowest awareness of all 15 brands tested, with Males over 35 the most likely to be aware of the late ‘80s show and Females under 35 the least likely. However, even though very few moviegoers know the brand, they are interested in seeing a film based upon the title, with interest in a film based upon The Equalizer testing in the middle of the competitive set.


Scored a 55 awareness score below AirWolf, with a low 24% big fan percentage among aware.


Because according to a study Sony did just after the first one opened, interest for a sequel was quite big (and probably a reason why they made one, that and the monster 200m box office of the first):


Based on a study we conducted among some franchises and brands at the beginning of October, not long after Equalizer opened, a VERY strong 45% said they would be definitely interested in another installment in the franchise. Equalizer ranked second among all titles, behind only Jump Street. It was ahead of Bridesmaids, The Heat, Mission Impossible, Beverly Hills Cop and Charlie’s Angels. The 45% definite interest was driven by men 25+ at 53%, followed by men under 25 at 43%, women 25+ at 41% and women under 25 at 38%.

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Denzel Washington went 36 straight years without doing a Sequel.  He's done a few remakes (Equalizer was an 80's TV Show) but never a sequel.  To me that's an amazing run to go that long without doing a sequel.  His Box Office Gross is 3.7 Billion Worldwide during that time. Mind you this was mostly original dramas so it's really a Historic Amazing Run.  So I'm very excited to watch Denzel's very first Sequel with "Equalizer II".   It's funny that "Equalizer" and "Mission Impossible" drop in back to back weeks.  Both adaptions of television shows.  

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