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The Neon Demon | June 24 | Nicolas Winding Refn (director), Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves

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14 hours ago, RichWS said:


Bask in its glory. 


You were right, Rich. OGF was glorious! Loved the hypnotic, at times nightmarish mood, the Lynchian vibes, and last but not least, the gorgeous score.



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I wanted the movie to start at some point but ... I was politely bored ?


Only God Forgives was so great because I could feel people actually squirm at my screening but here meh, I wanted crazy stuff to happen but the movie didn't deliver enough on that front.


I mean yeah, the movie takes a fantasy/crazy turn towards the end and because we are in super auteur land, Refn puts here and there scenes that have absolutely no context whatsoever because ya know, buiding  a traditional narrative is so boring so let s be vague an ambiguous so clever people will connect the dots for stupid people like me (tho I connected some dots still). I know it s the Refn way tho so these scenes didn't surprise me.


Agro Dude Bros (yes, auteurs can be dude bros to me) like Refn amuse me, they are like very keen on schocking people with ultra violent, gory, long scenes, they are very creative when it comes to find cool ways to kill or torture people or spill gallons of blood on screen but damn when it comes to sex, those guys become shy little boys.

This movie reeks sexuality, it is the main subject, it is borederline creepy concerning Elle Fanning with all the meta implications on her age and the whole lolita motif and how she is filmed thoughout the movie but damn is this movie sexually tame or what ?

Refn, you want to schock people, create discomfort ? Do some graphic sex scenes for a change, show me pussy tits and ass and real action, go all the way or don't because your pseudo sex scenes were bad Playboy tv shit.

I mean your movie is about beauty, sexuality, a young girl who discovers her sexual power and that s all you can do ?


That s what I love about Lars Von Trier, he doesn't shy away from this, I mean, sure, Charlotte Gainsbourg didn't get a double penetration on Nymphomniac (porn actors' doubles & visual effects did the dirty work for Lars) but Von Trier actually tries to portray real, graphic sex on screen, something very few directors dare to do because then it becomes, god forbid, porn.


From Refn , I ve seen the Tom Hardy movie, the Mads movie, Drive and Only God Forgives.


Elle Seemed a bit lost here, filmed like a sexual Goddess, Keanu was whatever, Jena Malone gave her all, Hendricks had one scene.

And the Dexter guy wasn't creepy enough imo.


Score was fantastic and did 80% of the work in all the Refn's signatures scenes we all know and love.




What I have done ?







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Oh, this will tank hard. There will be walkouts for sure, either due to lack of actual plot, the movie being slow or the depravity on screen. This is more OGF style than Drive. If you liked OGF, you'll probably like this. If you hated OGF (like many people did), you might end up hating this as well.

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