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Snowden | September 16, 2016 | Trailer on Page 6. Special screening at SDCC Thursday

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It's almost amusing how the "trailer" is relying on the fact that "that nutty, controversial Oliver Stone has made a film about Snowden" when Stone is at least 20 years past his prime. Hardly anyone gave a shit when he tackled Bush's life before the end of his second term.

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But Foxcatcher did suck...

5 major Oscar nominations put you in the minority there but OK.


Considering the quality of most of Oliver Stone's output over the past two decades I don't think anyone had much faith in this going anywhere with the Oscars, so moving it to 2016 is a wise choice.

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hmm interesting, I was interesting in seeing it, but considering How I will be spending most of Dec/Jan watching and rewatching star wars, catching The Revenant and Hateful Eight, in the Hate of the Sea and perhaps Joy if I have the time, I doubt I would have got around to seeing it in theaters with that release date anyways, it's probably not that good if they are pulling it from Oscar release slate too. oh and Macbeth if it goes wide, and maybe even Krampus.. 

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given there's 0 explanation been given, my guess would be it's getting dumped. Regardless, I am intrigued by the movie.


I'm not feeling the box office on this.

I'm not saying this is gonna pull a Fifth Estate...

But I'm not feeling this.

I base this opinion on absolutely nothing.

I thought Fifth Estate was great.

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