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Snowden | September 16, 2016 | Trailer on Page 6. Special screening at SDCC Thursday

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The fact that Mr Cool wants this man down should give you legit nightmares about the state of " freedom" in America.

Recent rumors state today the main sim card manufacturer has been compromised by the NSA too and that all Sims card have an NSA spying software embeded.


Actually, all SIM cards now are built to trigger aggresion and repres inhibitors.

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Stone is on the two time oscar winner for best directing shortlist.

for two great movies. he should have won for JFK as well. that's just a trilogy of perfect cinema. 95% of what's come afterwards has been so unbelievably misguided though. i dunno man. it happens.

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Trailer landing today on iTunes


Finding it hilarious how it's only the Shailene Tumblr fangirls hyping this (no one else has any idea) - when they actually see the trailer which has, once again, no footage....


Then again - it'll probably have some soundbites from the cast :)

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