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Aladdin live action movie | 24 MAY 2019 | Disney | 7th most profitable movie of 2019. Disney does it again!

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I'd prefer the approach of the stage musical and Howard Ashman's original idea of having the Genie be more of a Fats Waller and Cab Calloway showman, maybe Jamie Foxx or John Legend would be interesting. 


A live action Hunchback would be cool but it would need to be similar to the stage version which is a lot closer to the book and thus much darker and more tragic than the 1996 film 

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Disney will burn through the classic animated top guns  faster than I thought and will soon start scrapping the bottom of the barrel soon. I am pretty sure  Frozen and Moana live action films are already in development.

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On 7/19/2015 at 10:37 AM, Spaghetti by the Sea said:

So here is a list of the non-package WDAS films that haven't had live action reboots this century. The list excludes films in development and films by other studios with the same story.




Lady and the Tramp

The Sword in the Stone

The Aristocats

Robin Hood

The Rescuers

The Fox & The Hound

The Black Cauldron

The Great Mouse Detective

Oliver & Company

The Lion King


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Everything from the 2000s


That's half of Disney's library left. Only four of these films were made before 1970.

Nightmare Before Christmas?

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that's no a bad choice if it happens. obviously the worst thing to do would be to get a guy who's doing a robin williams kinda thing because it's just not gonna compare. will smith is real charismatic and fun in a different enough way.

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