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Lowest grossing 2016 movie you've seen

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I am one of the saps who contributed to the gross of Yoga Hosers.


Kevin Smith hasn't even released the grosses for it,but all evidence points to it being just north of $30,000.


I didn't even go to the Events screening with the live QA,this was the general release.


I feel bad because I made my wife and sister go too,so the three of us all contributed to that trainwreck.

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I posted earlier my lowest of 2016 was The Neon Demon, but I've been trying to think of the lowest grossing movie I've ever seen in theaters.

The lowest movie with a confirmed boxoffice number would be Coriolanus at just over $700k, but I'm sure the lowest is American Mary, which Cineplex showed just 1 show on a Thursday as a feature of it's Sinister Cinema promotion and The Rio played it for a week. It was packed when I saw it with lots of cast and crew in attendance, but its total take had to be under $10k, maybe under $5k since I'm not sure how many theaters showed it that night.

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On 1/1/2017 at 1:14 PM, Celedhring said:

Do I win the thread?



Domestic Total as of Oct. 6, 2016: $70
Distributor: Samuel Goldwyn Release Date: September 30, 2016
Genre: Thriller Runtime: 1 hrs. 34 min.
MPAA Rating: R Production Budget: N/A


Although I saw it at a Spanish film fest, so I didn't contribute to that gross.


Hahaha I've spent twice that much just on Rogue One alone and it would have been four times that if not for the Ultimate Ticket.


i guess for me Snowden in theaters maybe? I guess? I am not positive. I saw things like Jackie and Moonlight on screener and A Monster Calls. Many of the lower grossing awards hopefuls on screener. 


Lowest ever is a tough one but a candidate in theaters when I was running my review site:



Funniest part about that is I wrote a review of this film and absolutely skewered it because it's a horribly acted piece of crap religious movie where a guy travels forward in time to our society and complains about what horrible people we all are and how we all live in sin. It was the most judgmental, Fire and Brimstone piece of garbage I've ever seen. It makes normal religious movies look like Ben Hur. So the director sent me a personal email telling me how I'm totally "wrong" about the acting and how it's actually a great movie and how hard everyone worked on it. We went back and forth about 4-5 times and I told him I thought the premise was fascinating - a guy traveling from the past to present - but it was extremely heavy handed and ham-fisted. The acting was so exaggerated it was hilarious to see. Anyway, I learned a valuable life lesson that I remembered when I directed my first feature. Do NOT be the pathetic director who defends his own movie in comments or emails to journalists or reviewers. I had a site review my movie and give it a good review but skewer my lead actress (who was incidentally nominated several times for Best Actress). I wrote an extremely brief comment thanking him for the review and saying I was very happy he enjoyed it. That's it. Arguing with critics makes you look small and petty. 

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This year I've had my second son. It's been really difficult to go to cinemas. The Dressmaker and A Monster Calls are the lowest grossers.


I have only seen 22 films of the top100 DOM!!!

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