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Lowest grossing 2016 movie you've seen

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3 hours ago, chasmmi said:

I may have to download 'Pet' just so that I can win this thread. 


Way ahead of you. Decent little flick btw.


In theaters, not counting movies that weren't released in the US, it was Microbe & Gasoline for me. Wow that movie got fucked, it's the best thing Michel Gondry has done since at least Be Kind Rewind and it topped out at 63k. Even being in foreign language it's audience-friendly enough that a good distributor could have been able to get a million or two out of it. 

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I saw Hardcore Henry in theaters, by far the lowest grossing, in terms of initial runs. I think the next lowest I saw was Kubo.


Though I think the winner is Mad Max Fury Road: Black and Chrome, which earned $422k in one week of release.


Some low grossing stuff between Henry and MMFR that I caught on dvd and streaming: Jane Got a Gun, The Little Prince, The Boy and the Beast.


Stuff lower than MMFR on video & streaming: April & the Extraordinary World. And I guess Rurouni Kenshin: Origins, which apparently had a theatrical release where it earned about $30k. Though it came out in Japan four years ago and had a small US release around the same time.

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3 hours ago, elcaballero said:

According to BOM, Pet had a weekend gross of $63, but a total gross of $70. Who was the poor soul that saw the movie alone on a weekday? 


As opposed to the 9 heroes that packed out the Theatre from Friday to Sunday?

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Eh, if we are only counting DOM then I guess Warcraft at the theaters. Worldwide though would have to be, uhm, Magnificent 7?


At home it was Swiss Army Man. I thought it would be Eye in The Sky or Hunt for the Wilderpeople but Swiss Army Man didn't gross even 5M dom, damn. Such a fun little movie.



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In theaters: Train to Busan ($2,3m in US and 275k admissions in France)

Hardcore Henry (which did more in US but only 55k admissions in my country)

At home : Equals (33k$ /DTV in FRA)



Sing Street (3,2m / 92k admissions in FR)

Elle (0,85m / 555k)

Sausage Party only did 57k admissions in FRA

Mr Holmes (65k admissions)


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