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Disney+ MCU: Loki | June 11 2021 | Richard E Grant's in this

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3 hours ago, OdinSon2k14 said:

I'm getting the feeling that Kang isnt the "final boss" of phase 4. He's the Loki/Ultron of phase 4 🙂.

We don't even know what Marvel's plan is to even say anything. This is just like Phase 1, a new beginning.

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On 12/14/2020 at 8:51 AM, charlie Jatinder said:

1. Time and Space

2. Odinson

3. Watch Earth Burn / Saviour

4. The Authority

5. God of Mischief

6. Conqueror

These have been very inaccurate and yet somewhat close to what episode had. I can go on to linking them.


1. Well Time and Space was basically intro.

2. We got to know its not just "son" but could be daughter

3. Lamentis. Moon burning. Trying to be saviour.

4. Authority. Fake Time keeper.

5. God of Mischief. Well entire episode was full of Gods of mischief.

6. When I started it, I was very clear about it but now dwelling into @Cap's fan theory spoilers.


it could either be Loki who conquered time or Kang the Conqurer. Well this lead to nowhere.



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Can't find Wandavision thread so posting this in Loki since it's relevant for MCU. Congrats to Wandavision on its 23 Emmy nominations including above the line nominations for Best Limited Series, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, Directing,. Writing, Editing.


Falcon and the Winter Solider scored 5 nominations including above the line Guest Actor Drama for Don Cheadle.



The Marvel Cinematic Universe in its first outing on Disney+ exploded at the Primetime Emmys with a total 28 Primetime Emmy nominations, the bulk of that going to WandaVision

In total, WandaVision scored 23 noms to Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s five nominations. WandaVision‘s count was the second-most highest for this year behind The Crown and The Mandalorian‘s 24 nominations. Wandavision scored an Outstanding Limited Series nomination, and Best Actor and Actress Limited Series noms respectively for Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen. Kathryn Hahn also received her second Emmy nom after Amazon’s Transparent for her turn in WandaVision as Agatha, the nosy next-door neighbor in the Limited Series Supporting Actress slot.


WandaVision notched 23 noms include Limited Series, Actor-Actress and Supporting Actress Limited Series, Production Design for Half Hour Narrative Program, 3 Writing Limited Series nods, Casting, Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes, Directing, Two Single Camera Picture Editing, Period/Character Hairstyling, Main Title Design, Period/character non-prosthetic make-up, Original Dramatic Score, Music & Lyrics, Main Title Theme, Music Supervision, Sound Editing and Mixing in a Limited Series and Special VFX.


Of the above-the-line noms for Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Don Cheadle scored a Guest Actor in a Drama Series nod.




Loki was ineligible this year. 

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Wow Silvie you're the Star-Lord of the Multiverse War


In seriouss really liked how the finale balanced setting up the future but getting to the main crux and themes of the show with free will and what does one want in their life.


Really confident in what Waldron does with Doctor Strange.


I initially wasn't on board with Jonathan Banks but realising he can play so many different variants of Kang it's gonna be so fun to see the different Kangs he plays.


You wanted ramifications from the Disney+ shows here it is. Wonder if Wanda hearing her kids in the post credits of WandaVision can line up with the ending of this season


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31 minutes ago, charlie Jatinder said:

I am just gonna pretend all of this never happened in MCU until we see any repercussions/impact in main timeline.


In isolation of MCU continuity, ok show. 5/10.

  Reveal hidden contents


That's how it gonna work. He will be playing multiple variant of this character , till our heroes win. 

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Can't disagree with Scorcese. :lol:


OK, so this show definitely kick-started Phase 4



introduces the main villain, explains how multiverses work, introduces variants aka hello multi-Spideys, etc.



Nice statue, Kang.


Best MCU romance can we agree? :bravo: They are HAWT!


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