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DUNKIRK | 337.2 M overseas ● 526.9 M worldwide

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1 hour ago, cannastop said:

Record-breaking run in UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany.


Don't know about anywhere else.

I should do well in Australia.  Saving Private Ryan cleared AUD24m back in 1998/99.  Although it's WW1 The Water Diviner made just under AUD16m last year.  The Imitation Game cleared AUD18m.



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On 7/22/2016 at 9:53 AM, keysersoze123 said:

Nolan is strong in China/Korea and few other asian markets. Latin America would be weak(even interstellar did not do much). But to come up with any range we need to see a trailer.

This isn't going to sell well in Asia.

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On 7/30/2016 at 10:51 AM, cannastop said:

This isn't going to sell well in Asia.

 Exactly, here in Malaysia, WB is not marketing it heavily. Even the showtimes across the cinemas is just rolling out today with official release tmr. War film is hard to sell here. 


One glad thing, there's Nolan fan base here too.

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On 21.07.2016 г. at 5:54 PM, kayumanggi said:

487.1 M INTERSTELLAR (2014)

533.0 M INCEPTION (2010)


My God, what a beast Inception was. 


As for Dunkirk, i see it closing at about 380. Grossing over 400 m will be up to China i think.

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Will do its best in NA and Europe. Asia and LA might surprise but i dont see this one doing well or even close to Interstellar numbers. War is a tough sell!

In india Nolan has fanbase and is a well known brand in Bigger cities so he will pull the niche audience to watch this and will clock decent numbers!

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