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DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS | 05.06.2022 | Disney | 4th Most Profitable Movie of 2022

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14 hours ago, Fancyarcher said:

Damn.  Was hoping it was quiet here because Marvel realized what a boring character they've birthed on screen, and were going to pull a "great sacrifice" for Strange in IW1 or 2, but alas... 


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The last paragraph “from the source/MovieWeb” article says there are no current plans for a sequel. And considering it came from a Q&A, I think it’s less of a “confirm happening” and more of a “writer trying to stay current/April Fools”

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4 hours ago, John Marston said:

Different director please 

The director isn't a favorite of mine but I thought he did fine. I think Doctor Strange is a good movie but I'd like it if the second movie was more than just a rift on Iron Man and lost some of the pointless humor. Of course there will be plenty of humor I just felt some of it was not needed and was awkwardly shoved into the film.

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Honestly Marvel are good at looking at where their problems are and trying to fix them. Ragnarok ain't beloved by me but it's a good deal better than Thor and The Dark World. I think they'll address the problems with Doctor Strange and no Cumberbatch wasn't one of them. He was great. MacAdams character was a waste of space and huge step back for women in the MCU. I really hope they give her a massively better role in the sequel. 

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