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Ezen Baklattan

SURV(IV)OR: Episode 1 - A Beastly Opening

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2 minutes ago, slambros said:

I really like my character! I have to hand it to you, @Spaghetti by the Sea!


...What is a PTA for the Flash Fight?

Thanks! :)


Also, it's the Per Theater Average (PTA). Basically, the challenge is to predict the PTA for the five movies mentioned, or their grosses divided by the number of theatres it is in.

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The Important Bits:





Beauty and the Beast

The Belko Experiment

Kong: Skull Island


Before I Fall

The Shack

Table 19

Get Out

Rock Dog

Fist Fight


Predict by Thursday, March 16th at 11:59PM EST.



Throughout the game, there will be several mini challenges. These are completely optional, but can provide a boost in weekly scores and give a team the winning edge. However, mess this up and you could pay the price later.



Kong: Skull Island


John Wick: Chapter Two

Hidden Figures

La La Land


The deadline is TUESDAY AT 11:59PM EST. 


The team with the highest percentage of participation, along with the two highest predictors of the challenge. Will all receive a boost in the weekly challenge. BE CAREFUL. The lowest two predictors will receive a detriment to their weekly challenge!

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6 minutes ago, DAJK said:

Damn I love everyone in my group, I don't want anyone to get eliminated :( 


@Ethan Hunt @YourMother @slambros @elcaballero @chasmmi Let's just be the best damn predictors around and not "ever" end up in the danger zone :lol:

Not if @Arlborn @4815162342 @Goffe @ChipMunky @Wrath @WrathOfHan have anything to say about it...!

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7 hours ago, chasmmi said:

Remember.  The more time i have too devote to this. The less time I'll have to devise hatefulSOTMs this coming summer :)


Wait, are you saying we should boot you early?

Edited by Wrath
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Kong: Skull Island


John Wick: Chapter Two

Hidden Figures

La La Land


The deadline is TUESDAY AT 11:59PM EST. 


The team with the highest percentage of participation, along with the two highest predictors of the challenge. Will all receive a boost in the weekly challenge. BE CAREFUL. The lowest two predictors will receive a detriment to their weekly challenge!

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Spaghetti: We had 11 people volunteer for the flash fight:

@4815162342 @Arlborn @Eevin @chasmmi @elcaballero @DAJK @slambros @AABATTERY @BourneFan #1 @CoolEric258 @That One Guy

The Rockin' Robots had the highest percentage of team members participate. The Toons had four, but seven members. The robots only only had six. Congrats team!


Elcaballero: Woo hoo! Now let's try to get EVERYONE to participate next time. *Glaring at Ethan Hunt and YourMother*

Ethan Hunt: I figured we were set. Didn't want to risk us losing the points.


Spaghetti: Anyways, their challenge is to dive into this deep pit of water, collect one of 9 gold coins, and return to shore. Hopefully without dying. I figure if we're paying tribute to Beauty and the Beast this weekend, The Little Mermaid feels easily fitting.

DAJK: Piece of cake, right?

Slambros: Uhh....yeah, totally.

BourneFan#1: Wish me luck, Toons!

CoolEric258: There's not enough to go around! I need it more!

BourneFan#1: You do realize we're supposed to work together, right?

CoolEric258: Oh yeah, for now. MUAHAHAHAHAHA

AABATTERY: I'm starting to agree with Fancyarcher.

Numbers: Uh.....Goffe? A hand please!

Arlborn: Don't worry, buddy, he's got a lot of confidence in you. Just not as much as me. Enjoy second! First is mine!

Eevin: Please please please don't let me drown.


Spaghetti: And.....go! *The 11 dive in.*

Wrath: I won a lot of tournaments in this kind of stuff by doing nothing at all. You'd be surprised how effective it is.

WrathOfHan: We could have gotten the participation score? But noooooooo you had to be all boring and analytical.

Wrath: *pulls a knife to WrathOfHan's neck* You were saying?

WrathOfHan: Uhhhh.....point made!

CONFESSIONAL - WrathOfHan: Wrath scares me. But I actually respect him a lot. For some reason.

CONFESSIONAL - Ethan Hunt: With luck, chasmmi drowns, I take over the team's power structure. We win.

CONFESSIONAL - RandomJC: I really should have gone down the cave. I could have totally nailed it.


Spaghetti: Hold on, what's this, the first person is returning.

*Someone resurfaces, it is......*

BourneFan#1: Whew, we did it! *RandomJC, JJ-8, and Fancyarcher begin to cheer.* Wait, I won?!?!

Spaghetti: Yes you did! Dry off and celebrate with your team!

CONFESSIONAL - BourneFan#1: *fangirling uncontrollably*

Spaghetti: Looks like Numbers is resurfacing too! Good job, mate!

Numbers: Looks like I got second place. Impressive.

Goffe: Just as Arlborn predicted. The kid may not be messing around.

Numbers: *looks down* pretty sure he is.

Spaghetti: I digress. Numbers and BourneFan both get prizes for their team. The race is now on not to get penalized.

That One Guy: YAY! THIRD PLACE!!!!!

Spaghetti: Uh...only the top two get prizes.

That One Guy: AW FUCK!!!!

Chasmmi: Fourth, and suck it, Ethan!

Spaghetti: Uh....these are silver coins.

Chasmmi: No! My eyesight betrays me! I have failed everyone! Everyone! Ladies, please forgive me! Please!!!!

Spaghetti: SHUT UP! Just be in fourth place.

AABATTERY: Number five's about to arrive!

Elcaballero: Six! We're still in it!

Eevin: Seven! Phew, we made it!

Spaghetti: 4 coins left. Only Arlborn, CoolEric258, DAJK, and Slambros haven't resurfaced. *Slambros resurfaces*

Slambros: Phew! I thought I was gonna die down there!

YourMother: We're glad you're okay. Just give us the coin!

Slambros: Uh....I was just going up for air.

YourMother: Ugh.

DAJK: Got it! 

YourMother: There's only one coin left, hurry! *Slambros dives down again. His foot snags on a rock, and he is stuck.

Slambros: *gurgling* Oh no!

CoolEric258: The coins are in the cavern wall! I'll smash them out!

Arlborn: Wow, good luck with that, weirdo.


*Suddenly, the wall breaks open. We see Creech from Monster Trucks. He gives Eric a coin.*

CoolEric258: Thanks, buddy! Up we go!

Arlborn: What.

Slambros: The.

All: FUCK!


CoolEric258: Yep, got the last coin. A monster gave it to me, you're welcome.

Arlborn: This is a rigged game! I demand a recount! There's gotta be another way!

Numbers: You were right, I did get second. 50% wrong is better than 100% wrong.


ChipMunky: Stop! We're on the same team! Only thing is, is Slambros okay?

Wrath: The surface is bubbling, he's gotta be stuck! I'm on it. *He dives in and rescues Slambros.*

Slambros: Wrath! You saved me! 

Wrath: Of course, I want to win this fair and square. Now let's get you back to your team. *They all glare at Slambros.*


CONFESSIONAL - Slambros: Man, I really botched that challenge. I guess I should start packing my bags.

CONFESSIONAL - Arlborn: This is only a temporary embarrassment. I'll be back, and I'm getting revenge!!!

CONFESSIONAL - Fancyarcher: Slambros is exactly why I didn't do this challenge. The key is picking your battles.


Spaghetti: And that's our first flash fight. Remember that the first weekend challenge predictions are due tomorrow at 11:59PM EST! I will only accept answers via PM!





1. BourneFan#1 - 96.52%

2. 4815162342 - 95.81%

3. That One Guy  - 92.70%

4. Chasmmi - 92.13%

5. AABATTERY - 91.41%

6. Elcaballero - 90.84%

7. Eevin - 88.97%

8. DAJK - 88.30%

9. CoolEric258 - 86.65%

10. Arlborn - 85.81%

11. Slambros - 0%


Most Participants: The Rockin' Robots



  • Rockin' Robots: +1% to team average for weekend challenge.
  • BourneFan#1: +3% to personal score for weekend challenge.
  • 4815162342: +1.5% to personal score for weekend challenge.
  • Arlborn: -1.5% to personal score for weekend challenge.
  • Slambros: -3% to personal score for weekend challenge.


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