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Onward | Dan Scanlon directing | March 6, 2020 | Coming to VOD on March 20. Coming to Disney+ April 3

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22 hours ago, MCKillswitch123 said:

Gotta say that 2020 sounds like a rather unusual year for Disney when it comes to theatrical releases:


Avatar 2

Mulan remake

Black Widow



Dragon Empire


Maleficent II

Jungle Cruise


And still a bunch of unannounced stuff left to go.

Provided they don't get canned in the wake of the Fox merger (though I think it'll be too late to do that) they'll also have Nimona and Death on the Nile among other Fox stuff.

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As much as I liked FINDING DORY and INCREDIBLES 2, I love it when Pixar announces original features. Looking forward to hearing/reading what it's all about.


I wonder which Pixar film will be occupying their usual June slot in 2020? BOM currently has an untitled PIxar film listed for June 19, 2020.

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Mark Andrews was reported to be working on an original movie, though it's been awhile since there's been any news on it. Feel like that's the only thing that could be far enough along to take a summer 2020 slot. Pete Docter's next is probably a 2021 release.


Should be some news on it soon. Pretty late by Pixar standards for an "untitled" release.



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56 minutes ago, AliasJester said:


Not to go too off topic here but Disney has announced release dates for Dragon Empire and Moana 2, do you see Pixar announcing the name of the untitled Jun 19 2020 film any time soon or is it cancelled and if it is will Onward move to a June 19 2020 release?

That report doesn't make sense. Why would a sequel to Moana center around a "Latina princess?" Sounds like a new movie to me. I really hope so, fuck it all if WDAS is going to abandon original films and keep going down the sequel rabbit hole. That goes completely against the near century legacy of that studio, and will eliminate the only place we get truly new original classics from Disney anymore. 

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