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Eric Riley

PAPA NOL∀N'S TENƎꓕ | August 26 internationally. September 2 "in select US cities" | 75% on RT after 228 reviews

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Nolan went full Nolan here and it just is not accessible enough to have legitimate mass appeal. Worth a watch but it is by far his least digestible major film. Pattinson JDW and Debicki are great though.

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I watch Christopher Nolan's spectacular films more often without any pleasure. Rather, before, I always started with enthusiasm, which was quickly blown away. It's hard to say what I miss in his films, they are very modern, or rather, millions are felt in them, but most of the time I sleep. Once I went to the cinema to see Interstellar and I remember nothing but the inconvenience of a man who had been immobile for almost three hours. Tenet is quite watchable, especially for those, who is in free search. You can think up a lot and attribute a lot to your own achievements of the mind. Or the director, it's up to you. The plot, contrary to the opinion of many, I do not think is twisted or too smart, it is the same as always. Here is the old combination of absurd and pretentious. No more.

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Just finished my 4th viewing, with some close friends this time. Probably won't watch it again in another 10 years (next watch probably on its 10th anniversary rerelease), unless I get the chance to see it in IMAX cinemas earlier.


Also, my friends found the sound mix really annoying. It worked fine for me (I watched it without subtitles) and I honestly love the intensity of the mix, but I guess I finally understand why it doesn't work for most.

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