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A QUIET PLACE | 04.06.18 | Paramount | supernatural horror film

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5 hours ago, slambros said:


You know a distributor is getting desperate when trailers for a film like this are overpromoted.


4 hours ago, WrathOfHan said:

That or they don't have other trailers for theaters to attach :lol: 

Sometimes both. I know with a lot of smaller releases or exapansions (for example the oscar releases) don't get sent with a required set of trailers. Or there's maybe 1 or 2 trailers that are attached and you pick 3 or 4 others. 


When ive had a say I usually like picking trailers that suit the movie that's playing. Some people just throw on whatever they think has the potential to do well and want to promote, or just whatever they think looks good. I don't think that's smart business wise but whatever

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