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US | 03.22.2019 | Universal | 13th Most Profitable Movie of 2019

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It seems to me like a very effective horror trailer (creepy, disturbing, strikingly bizarre) that doesn't spell out every plot point. The trailer continues the posters' usage of potentially iconic imagery (bunnies, the scissors with the sorta faces-shaped handles, the "clone" family standing in the driveway, etc.) If someone had told me that the black chubby dude from MAD TV and the Key and Peel comedy team would end up being an Oscar-winning director of horror thrillers that explore complex social issues,  I would have laughed them out of the room. This is one of my five most anticipated films of 2019 (with Captain Marvel, Shazam, Gemini Man, and the Aladdin live action remake). 

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Trailer is great. I'm really curious to see what kind of weird stuff might happen in the third act.



I assume the invaders are perhaps the original ones, and the family is a clone. It's a reverse perspective. 


I also think something happens to the boy during the beach scene and he gets replaced by a clone. The family might end up killing their own son. 


I don't get the point of the rabbits, but perhaps it's meant to show the whole thing might be controlled by someone. Perhaps it's some experiment from the Government or something like that.



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7 hours ago, DAR said:

It’s hard to tell but it doesn’t look like it would have the social commentary of Get Out.  Not a good or bad thing. 


I thought it had some.  Racist stereotypes of black people (the mutant clone family climb things and leap around on all fours like you-know-whats, and are murderously violent) following real black people around and trying to kill them (in the real world, through police perception of black people as being more dangerous in confrontations, among other things)?  Black people having been the unwitting subjects of unethical medical experiments (Tuskegee, Henrietta Lacks)?


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