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Eric is Anxious

Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built l Lionsgate l February 2, 2018 l Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke

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As someone who has visited the mystery house, this is truth stranger than fiction. Mirren might provide the ghost story slant some levity, but this could've been an Oscar contender if it were less focused on "genre" trappings. This was a woman with a seriously fractured psyche. The mansion is a literal manifestation of dementia and paranoia. You feel like you're trapped in a mind struggling with madness when taking the tour. Extremely narrow hallways that go around in circles, stairs that lead to nowhere, bricked doorways, etc. It's a fascinating tour that is one of California's hidden gems.

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52 minutes ago, aabattery said:


Times have been tough. With no LotR movies on the horizon, those boys have had to look elsewhere for work.


Havent had nothin but stinkin maggoty horror films for 15 years

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4 hours ago, Boxofficerules said:

Currently at 0% on Rotten Tomatoes with an audience score of 43%

Normally I don’t care for reviews but they’re all using the word “boring” which is the one thing I can’t handle in a movie.

I wouldn't call it boring. But it is slow.

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RT - 14% rotten, 104 reviews, 37% audience score.



3.5 million budget.  2,480 theaters OW.  25 million domestic, 38.7 worldwide.


If they get back half of the domestic at least, 12.5 million, then I would go on to guess that maybe the marketing and the rest of the stuff to get the film out was around 10 million making the film break even roughly.  Maybe 5m+ profit after overseas revenues and everything taken in.  This is just my guess for fun.  Then since it scored almost 10m OW, maybe the home platform strategy was reworked to not need as much additional spending to make money back elsewhere.  



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