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charlie Jatinder

Name & Rate the Movies/TV You've Watched.

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9 minutes ago, Darth Lehnsherr said:

It's been a while since I've rewatched Buffy and Angel. I might do so later in the year.

I’d love to get those, also e.g. Farscape, Wiseguy (the undercover series) at itunes - Germany does not get a lot of TV-series I‘d love to add. 

Also TV-movies like all the Sharpe movies, lots of brit movies are missing, lots of older TV series

Or only have the German language, those I wont buy, see e.g. Stargate


Not an itunes fan, but hate amazon more


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Last 3 weeks are the most free time I had in a decade but I ended up mostly re-watching stuff instead of catching up on the million things I haven't seen.



Invisible Man - great movie

Little Women - great movie

Peanut Butter Falcon - cute lil movie

Ralph breaks the Internet - haven't seen it before, it's fine.

Piercing - Edgelord body horror wannabe Cronenenberg indie. It's kinda bad.

A Quiet Place - Still holds up despite some sillines, my sister and brother in law that had never seen it before were scared shitless lol

Princess Mononoke, Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away - All among my favorite Miyazaki's. I'm gonna rewatch all of them eventually now they 're all on Netflix.


TV shows

Community - I watched the first two seasons and remembered how great that show was. I've never seen after the Harmon exit so I 'm planning to finish it if it doesn't get too bad after season 3.

Money Heist season 3 - Watched the first 3 episodes and I think I'm done. 

I'm not okay with this - A fun and pretty short Netflix show, I watched it in an afternoon.



GTAO and Apex Legends with friends that I haven't seen in a month. Even though I suck at online multiplayer games.

Overcooked with the only 2 people I socialize anymore because they live next door. Had no idea about this game but it's hilarious for couch co-op. 

Also just started playing the campaign of Titanfall 2 and it's fantastic.

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Back to the Future 10/10 - some outdated visuals but goddamn what a phenomenal film. The pacing is some of the best of all time.


Lilo and Stitch 9/10 - A great film, both Lilo and Stitch are great characters. 


Tigertail 6/10 - A good film, got me teary eyed for sure but was hoping for something a but more complex. 




Running Man 10/10 - a Korean variety show that I love but obviously not for everyone. 


Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 9 10/10 - Best episode of the season so far. 




Captain Toads Treasure Tracker - 9/10 great way to pass the time. 3D Puzzle  platformer that starts easy and gets slightly difficult at times. 


Planning to watch:


The Last Dance (ESPN/Netflix) first episodes Sunday/Monday.  Documentary about Michael Jordan and the late 90s Chicago Bulls 


Onward (Disney+) comes out on the 24th for NZ. Pixar’s newest film. 


Next episode of Clone Wars. 



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1 hour ago, Inceptionzq said:

Thinking about binging the Walking Dead. I haven’t watched since sometime in season 7 and I kinda wanna catch up.


Done exactly the same, hadn't watched it since the start of Season 7, now nearly finished Season 9. Glad i got back into it.

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What are all these strange flipping phones?


The Departed is definitely 15 years ago. 

Edit:Somebody needs to update my Blu Ray special features. 


“James “Whitey” Bulger is still on the lam.”


I don’t think so. 

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Week 2: 11-17th April 2020

This week belongs to Edgar Wright. Had fun.

  1. Scott Pilgrim vs The World: Cinemasins did a sin video last week, so gave it a try. Fun, Geeky, has its own unique style which works very well. Besides, it got both Captains - Marvel & America. 7/10.
  2. Shaun of the Dead: It started really well but didn't liked the events of pub. Antagonizing David didn't really felt good, was very pissed on film for that but I got over it. 6/10
  3. Hot Fuzz: Among all Wright films this week, this one was the best. Almost all the jokes land well. 7/10
  4. Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan: On paper it is a very good idea of having a sex taboo related comedy series and they did really well with having some good laugh scenes but as a film they all fall flat and are lame af. Hopefully this is the last of franchise. 1/10

Movie of the Week: Hot Fuzz


TV Shows

  1. Better Call Saul: S05E08-09: The season is killing it in its final episode. Right at level of Breaking Bad Season 5. Pumped for Season Finale. The best running TV show at present. 9/10
  2. Daredevil: S01E01-05: Always wanted to watch the Marvel TV shows but then movies were separated from the shows and eventually Netflix was made to cancel them, so hesitated a bit but then started it anyways. The show is good so far but then I am hesitant on the fact that it will go nowhere, not entirely sure if I will continue it or not. NR yet.
  3. Peaky Blinders: Pilot: Another praised show, gave it try. Okayish pilot. May continue in next weeks. Not much to say though.
  4. Panchayat: Pilot was good but it soon lost the groundness and by the end of it was just a good time pass stuff. That said, despite being Tier B stuff of TVF, still better than everything Netflix/Prime Indian original have made (except Breathe). 6/10.

TV Series of the Week: Better Call Saul


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Finally started Black Jesus, Aaron McGruder's follow up to The Boondocks, fun show so far.


Other than that mainly American Dad but I started that before all the Rona shit started, on season 5 now. 


Haven't been watching too much TV or movies otherwise. Been smoking a lot of weed and listening to Wu-Tang. And playing online chess and tetris, lol

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9 hours ago, Inceptionzq said:

Thinking about binging the Walking Dead. I haven’t watched since sometime in season 7 and I kinda wanna catch up.

Honestly, nothing really happened on CNN lately and we are all just thinking this show has gone on too long and when will it end. 😉

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