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Eric Atreides

TENET Weekend Thread | 20.2M opening with previews and Canada | RIP Movies 1888-2020

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In a day and age where IPs reign supreme, originality is all but dead. Our current capitalist hellscape has made it so that anything based on an even mildly nostalgic brand is a hit, especially if they come from Michael Rat. Meanwhile midbudget releases and original blockbusters are a thing of the past, unless you’re trying to get an Oscar. Yet within a world where Pillsbury Doughboy: The Movie can open above $100 million, one man has the power and the guts to bring creativity and innovation to the simple masses.


After Christopher Nolan made box office history with The Dark Knight, he used the blank check from his notoriety to make whatever movie he wanted to. Inception, Interstellar, and Dunkirk all served as masterclass works that got people excited for a movie solely on his very own presence. That is why he is given the moniker of Papa Nolan. A moniker given to Gods among men in the film world who can get people excited for something solely because of their amazing touch.


And his next feature Tenet was set to be another instance of Papa Nolan showcasing his power and talents. Time travel gobbledygook, IMAX experiences, endless exposition, bad sound mixing, Denzel’s boy, Battinson, Michael Caine. It was set to be one of the most-talked about movies of 2020 from the minute it was greenlit. Little did we know people would talk about it for very different reasons.


Helmed by the dude who gets horny at the sight of a cinema, Tenet has been pushed by both Papa Nolan and Warner Bros. as the return of the theatrical business and a boost for struggling movie theaters who are losing money every day from recent lockdowns...even though Warner Bros. will pocket 63% of the box office revenue and Papa Nolan is also supposed to get 20% of the box office haul. Ain’t corporate greed wonderful? By the way, did you know that capitalism is gonna kill us faster than corona will?


Anyways, Tenet’s box office is being watched by everybody. If it’s a hit, then we’ll see more 2020 releases like Wonder Woman 1984 and No Time to Die on the big screen, and theaters have a fighting chance. If it doesn’t, expect many more delays, many more pushes to VOD, and further questioning about whether movie theaters can stay alive and stay relevant in a post-Disney+ society.


Of course, when it comes to the opening, Papa Nolan faces an uphill battle. Overseas, the film has done solid business, earning about $53 million last weekend. But as for the US, Tenet is only being hosted in select cities, with plans to expand in the coming weeks. Of course it’s to be expected for the opening weekend to be muted, but so many other questions are rising here. Will people in other cities visit their local theater when it comes to their area? Is the movie good enough to take the risk? Do people want to go back to theaters in the first place? Is it safe to go? How will international box office fare? These are really tough questions, and we won’t really have an answer until long after Tenet’s release. But at least for this weekend, we can all at least try to parse these complicated questions.


Rule time!


1. ABSOLUTELY NO SPOILER. NOT EVEN SPOILERS POSTED UNDER SPOILER TAGS. This rule is applied to all weekend threads, but it's especially true for this weekend. Tenet is both one of the most anticipated movies of the year and a film that’s shrouded in mystery when it comes to the plot and characters. And sadly, because this pandemic is still a bitch and a half, many people are just gonna wait until the movie arrives home. This also applies to other movies in theaters and films releasing on streaming or VOD. So no Mulan spoilers, no Bill and Ted spoilers, no Unhinged spoilers, etc. You are free to give general opinions, but try to avoid going into any further detail. If you do spoil something here, you will be banned. No exceptions. Don't be a dick.


2. KEEP YOUR AGENDA OUT OF HERE. We get it. Movie theaters are dead forever. Everybody predicting the end of theatrical business is an idiot. Streaming is a disease. Marvel is the greatest film series ever created and all other franchises are below it. Disney/Marvel is destroying cinema and Kevin Feige/Bob Chapek/Kathleen Kennedy is the spawn of Satan. James Cameron is the true king of the box office. Yadda yadda yadda.


There's a time and place for these kinds of statements...actually, there isn't. But at the very least, it doesn't belong here. If you want to start these beefs related to all of these dumb children's movies, go somewhere else. This website would be so much better off with that bullshit gone. If you do this kind of stuff here, you will be banned. No exceptions. Not gonna name names, but you know who you are. Don't be a dick.


3. CURB YOUR POLITICS. In threads like these, politics often spring up for literally no reason. And straight up, politics just aren’t fun to talk about. So unless it’s truly relevant to the conversation...no. Don't be a dick.


4. THE REPORT AND IGNORE BUTTONS ARE YOUR FRIENDS. See a post that’s breaking the rules? DO NOT RESPOND TO IT. Just hit the Report button, give an explanation to the problem, including the context, then hit "Submit". We the mods will determine the post and see if it's breaking the rules and give out repercussions. See a poster that's consistently being annoying? Then just highlight their name and click "Ignore User" on the pop-up. It'll save lives and hopefully cause less of an uproar or infighting. While trolls are already bad, responding to them only makes it worse. So again...Don't be a dick.


5. IS OFF-TOPIC DISCUSSION OKAY? Well...yes and no. We want people to stick to box office numbers as best as they can. However, there are plenty of dead periods of time with no new numbers, and other discussions will surge. And honestly, things will probably be real boring this weekend from a numbers perspective. So off-topic discussions are okay to have, so long as they don't impede numbers discussion. So if there's no action, and you want to share your barbecue recipes, or rank the Disney Princesses, or praise Timothee Chalamet and his gorgeous hair, that's totally fine. Just remember to not talk about anything controversial and remember that when the numbers come to keep those discussions down to a minimum. Keep on doing that, and it becomes a chore for many who just want to know the numbers. Don't. Be. A. Dick.


And lastly...


7. DON'T BE A DICK. Sometimes, threads can just be a chore to read. Whatever the reason may be, if you're not following any of these rules or are straight up not being nice, you're going to get the banhammer smashed onto you. Concern trolling? Banned. Revealing that The Protagonist kills Dumbledore? Banned. Trying to start arguments on controversial topics? Banned. Just posting something unpleasant or mean? Banned. And if you're unsure if you can handle being nice for one weekend, then, simply put, get out of here. You probably know what I'm gonna say next.


TL;DR. No spoilers, no fanboy wars. Keep it nice, keep it neutral, don't attack others, and you'll be fine. If you don't do this stuff, you'll risk a threadban, a suspension, or even a permanent ban, so tread lightly. Outside of that, just have fun!


And two last things... 





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Second, instead of contracting COVID when going to your local theater, why not enjoy a movie at home? Sure, Mulan and Bill & Ted are available, and both seem like a fun time. However, why not watch a movie while also helping our fellow BOT members get bread on the table? The amazing @Water Bottle produced the independent romantic comedy Northwood Pie, directed by the equally amazing Jay Salahi. It’s got millennial angst, a coming of age tale, and pizza. Everybody loves pizza! It's available on Amazon Prime, and we're all slaves to Jeff Bezos, so you got no excuse to not check it out!



NW Pie Nov 2.01_07_23_12.Still032.jpg


Amazon Prime Link for US:




The also amazing @Plain Old Tele worked on the recently released As Long as I'm Famous, also free to stream on Amazon Prime.



Either way, just remember that you don’t have to risk your health to see Papa Nolan’s dumb bullshit. Disney and Keanu are always a fun time. And hey, Water Bottle and Tele both have mouths to feed. You’ve got plenty of exciting things to watch at home that can keep you entertained for hours without hurting your lungs or your immune system. You don’t even have to wear pants! Please stay home. Please. Please.


And now...







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Nolan already saved cinemas in the rest of the world and now After We Collided is breaking 2020 OD records across Europe. Cinema is saved. SILLY AMERICA AND ITS PVOD NONSENSE LOST. SUCK IT AMERICANS. GO CRY IN A CORNER.

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The multiplex I'm looking to see it at this weekend is showing it on 2/3 of their screens with a show starting every 5-15 minutes. Would say this should quell Scorsese's fear of only comic book movies playing in theaters if an original movie like this is capable of dominating screens for its first weekend, but it's not like there's anything else to show right now so why not turn the multiplex into Nolan Land.

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2 minutes ago, Lion Roar said:

Still waiting for theaters to open in the NYC area(no, I'm not going to Jersey for a movie, any movie). Hopefully I get to see this on the big screen before the end of the month 🤞 

Didn't De Blasio imply that cinemas won't open in NYC this year at all? Think you might have to still go outside NYC to watch it.

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26 minutes ago, lorddemaxus said:

Didn't De Blasio imply that cinemas won't open in NYC this year at all? Think you might have to still go outside NYC to watch it.

I'm hoping De Blasio rethink his stance on indoor dining and cinemas. If theaters aren't open in the city this year then I guess I'm not watching Tenet until it hits streaming. 

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Just now, redfirebird2008 said:


No, I would think that will be announced about 24 hours from now (Friday morning in America). That's if they announce it at all. 

The movie's release date is today though. We'd be getting opening day numbers tomorrow

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Just now, lorddemaxus said:

The movie's release date is today though. We'd be getting opening day numbers tomorrow

So I called one of my old source for early #s thinking its Friday today, @Eric #RIPChadwick told me he will make thread on day of release. He break it to me its Thursday today.



Then realised it's releasing today (is it?) so asked him again, let's see if I get something.


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