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Ambulance | April 8, 2022 | Universal | Michael Bay | Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

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Wow, when is the last time we've seen a Hollywood blockbuster open this early outside the US? It's opening here in Turkey tomorrow, three whole weeks before the domestic launch. I can't help but wonder why the release rollout is like this.


Not that I mind, the recent buzz has made me cautiously excited.

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2 hours ago, Saul Goodman said:

Comparable to The Rock?

The Rock is The Rock. Still, I thought it was easily the best Bay since the first TF or the Bad Boys movies. His most recent output is all pretty bad (13 Hours aside which I thought it was decent).

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9 minutes ago, excel1 said:

Time to give Bay all the money to direct Jacob Elordi in SUPERMAN

I love Bay but he’s a total nihilist, we REALLY don’t need that in Superman. Wasn’t he supposed to do Lobo for DC, that was a perfect fit I wonder if that’s still in development.

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This was an absolute blast. I'm shocked a hack like modern Bay managed to put out a movie as engaging as this. Jakey Bear and Yahya were both awesome in it. Eiza I felt a little more indifferent about, but her character did serve the narrative well. It definitely could have benefited with less shaky-cam and a better editor though.


The gay kiss caught me completely off-guard, especially in a Michael Bay movie since they're usually pretty fratty. I'm glad Bay didn't play it for laughs though.


And did anyone find it weird that the Universal logo was shown twice? The print logo first, followed by the animated intro. I really don't get what Bay's going for with that quirk. He did the same thing with the Paramount intro in The Last Knight.


Also, this movie has the shortest closing credits I've ever seen in a modern blockbuster to date. It was straight up a slideshow. Similar credits were in Bumblebee but it still wasn't as short as the ones here. I wonder what his crews feel about that.


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Michael Bay’s Ambulance, about bank robbers who reluctantly hijack an ambulance in an attempt to escape their latest job, opened with $4.4 million in 35 overseas markets, which was about in line with The King’s Man (now at $126 million worldwide on an over/under $95 million budget) and Wrath of Man (which earned $103 million last summer on a $40 million budget). 


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