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Eric Atreides


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I thought it was fun. Definitely a James Gunn film. Blood sport and Ratcatcher 2 were great, the film should have focused on them even more imo.


Harley was fun but her inclusion in this film just felt a bit pointless. Her storyline is completely separate from the team until the end. They could have focused more on the team but instead we got Harleys side adventure.


One big thing that annoyed me was the death of Polka Dot Man. I thought the character was interesting. They set up back story and everything then he just gets a shit death lol.




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6 hours ago, Wormow said:

I didn’t enjoy this movie, but I’m not the target audience for this anyway (preteen boys) so not surprised. 


So…. I’d imagine the target audience isn’t people who… can’t go to see the film alone 😂😂

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I thought the whole cast was great, especially Cena so now I’m pretty excited to see Peacemaker and see some of the other characters like vigilante who will show up there. 

I really liked the sequence when Bloodsport shot Peacemaker and I like how Gunn isn’t afraid to kill off characters. 

I think future movies like this need their budgets smaller, we don’t need a 185m hard R Suicide squad movie, though I’m super happy it got made lol. Maybe hbomax series would be good for more spin-offs and then characters can show up in other stuff as well. 



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Overall it was a 3/10 for me. 


The opening gag of having a team assembled and then killed was already done by macgruber and deadpool 2 and it was done better by those movies by a million miles.


Characters just randomly trauma dump their tragic backstories to each other out of nowhere and it's such clunky writing. Gunn does this repeatedly in his films now.


He also does the taser face joke thing like in gotg 2 where he keeps repeating a joke over and over. By the 3rd or 4th time polka dot man sees his mom I just wanted the movie to end. Beside that I did like polka dot man a lot, until his he gets a pointless death in an unfunny gag.


The over the top violence didnt really add anything to the film and the majority of the humour is cringey juvenile stuff.


Ratcatcher 2 is the star of the film for me and one of the only things I found redeeming. Bloodsport is fine but he just deadshot again.


Harley was supremely boring in this. Her side plot was a huge waste of time and such a pace killer.


Most disappointing film of the year for me. 


My audience was about 20 people. I think the only time I heard the audience laugh was weasel not being able to swim.


Sigh. I want to love DC but they just dont make it easy.

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3 hours ago, charlie Jatinder said:

Showing America as villain of film is quite refreshing. Starfish wasn't villain of the film, it was a creature abducted by America and then kept in prison. I am actually quite sympathetic for it now.


Its final words, "I was happy, floating, staring at the stars"


Lmao that Starfish was gaslighting at the end there. If it didn't want to come to Earth, then why didn't it just make the mind-controlled astronauts free it minutes after being caught?

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Peaked in the first 10 minutes but then kind of grinds to a halt halfway through. The scene in the camp was really good, and Bloodsport’s set pieces were a lot of fun to watch. Polka Dot Man’s mommy issues didn’t land at all, and I feel like Looking Glass from Watchmen was a much more poignant exploration of trauma from a recent DC project. 
I will say, it was very well shot, especially considering how grey and desaturated most of these films wind up looking.

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Liked the movie it was an 8/10 for me .

Overall it was enjoyable gore ride ,characters with exception of harley who I had some issues with,were fun .


Edris elba , rat-catcher 2 and kingshark stole show . didn't expect to like cena and rick flagg as much as I did. polkadotman was good but his mum stuff didn't land and didn't like his death.


The movie was well shot and action was neat,soundtrack was awesome.

Jokes were ok and some didn't land .But the jungle scene killing the rebels  and milton gag where priceless.


Harley's character with exception of her action set pieces and milton gag , didn't do much for me. Her scene with the president was so contrived and pointless and is one of the slowest points in the movie. In the end she just jumps in starro's eyes for a neat visual ,it's the rats that do the damage.


Those saying the movie is mean spirited, I can understand for some instances like waller's team placing bets on who will die felt weird for me  But the rest seems ok for me. This are villians and the worst of the worst and they embraced that which I liked.


The time jumps made it feel disjointed at parts but other than that the story and script was simple .


Starro was awesome and boy did he look great . Ggi in this movie was terrific all around. 


Yeah waller's team should all be dead for what they did. Cena being alive after shot in the neck and the building falling on him is eh but will suspend disbelief.



Villians besides starro were one note.

Was it one of the best CBMS don't think so . But this movie knew what it was ,an entertaining film with fun characters with some great action and gore.

This is my second best dceu movie.

Loved some of the synder films but those tried to swing for grander stories and  fell short .

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Didn't like this movie, but my brother watched it with me and loved the over the top violence and pretty juvenile humor. I thought the movie had a few good moments, like the ambush of the resistance soldiers. I also thought Peacemaker and Deadshot, I mean Bloodsport, were good. Suddenly, Harley has more skill and toughness than Spiderman and Black Panther combined. I'm over her character. I think I'm also over James Gunn in general because I hated Guardians 2. 


I give this movie a C-

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On 8/6/2021 at 7:26 PM, Alligator Zatt said:

Nevermind Thanos, a bunch of Suicide Squad b-side characters took down Starro, one of the biggest Justice League villains, in story and literally. And it looked cool af. Harley is the star of the assemble, she is Suicide Squad’s Iron Man or Wolverine. Of course she will have some truly bad ass moments in it.

Suicide Squad's wolverine? She has normal human strength and durability! 

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