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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | May 6, 2022 | NO SPOILERS WHATSOEVER | Comes to Disney+ June 22!

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12 minutes ago, 4815162342 said:


Michael Stuhlbarg ends up as the big breakout


Basically he's just a nice co-worker until the end he tells Dr. Strange that what he and Mordo had was a very special relationship. And that he was lucky to have experienced something like that in a beautiful 5 min monologue. Dr. Strange cries. Fin.

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*read the news*




I really hope they Thor: Ragnarok this: toss out everything from the first movie except Strange and Wong.  Cameo Shang-Chi.  Go Full Cosmos.  Make sure the action sequences match or suppress AIW.  And then... hopefully Feige will work his magic and this won't be terrible.  

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7 hours ago, Darth Lehnsherr said:

Marvel has a set date for Feb 2021 so I imagine that's when Black Panther 2 is coming. I'm surprised Marvel took this long to get a sequel to Doctor Strange ready. 5 years is their longest time between instalments. 

Maybe bcs they moved for Spidey.... some releases, also the Fox owned Marvel characters might have caused that too (a bit)?

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7 hours ago, aabattery said:

Hope they give McAdams more to do this go around. 

I hope to see her in way more MCU films, they could do that per her being shown as a doctor instead of being the Night Nurse in the Earth-616 comics.

Theoretically she could be in all MCU movies and upcoming mini-series done by MCU characters happening on earth.

Hopefully not shown like 'No! NO! Stay back!' sentences like even shown on the cover of Night Nurse vol.1 issue 4



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9 hours ago, DMan7 said:

1B WW should be locked for this one this time. 

Hope so too. Though it needs to do insane numbers DOM & OS to pull this off and it might be a hard one. GOTG2 & Thor 3 were large hits, but not $1B WW-hits.


And if it does become as beloved as (if not more loved than) DS1, chances are that it might get there or close to it.

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So they're keeping the same creative team as the first. Eh kinda hoped they would revamp it somewhat but then again a lot of people feel the same way for Homecoming lol so can't complain too much when the first did well. Hopefully they improve on the faults of the first cause I can see Ragnarok numbers for Doctor Strange 2 if done better.

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10 minutes ago, LouisianaArkansasGeorgia said:

Not even a passing mention of Namor before December 2018, and now a picture of him posted by an MCU director. :Venom:

There was actually a fair bit of speculation about introducing Namor in BP2 for some kind of Wakanda vs Atlantis storyline. 

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