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Ezen Baklattan

SURV(IV)OR: Episode 2 - Laying the C.H.I.P.S. Down

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*The teams are all inside the castle, looking for clues for predictions.*


Goffe: Arlborn, you better keep an eye out. You’ve got a lot of redemption to do after that Flash Fight mess.

ChipMunky: Lay off the kid, this is his first week. He’ll get it right.

Wrath: Indeed, and if he doesn’t, well, *takes out gun*

ChipMunky: What the hell, man?!?!?1

Wrath: I’m kidding! Just dad jokes at play! Come on!

Arlborn: Whatever, Eevin and I are gonna rock this challenge!

Eevin: Uh....yeah, sure.


CONFESSIONAL - Eevin: Not gonna lie, I’ll probably vote off Arlborn first chance I get.


Chasmmi: So, we split up?

Elcaballero: I guess we can do that. Exchange info at the pavilion.

Ethan Hunt: Uh....maybe we should team up. Help keep the weaker ones in line.

Slambros: I’m sorry!

YourMother: I can go with you, Slam. You just need something chill to get through this.

Slambros: Thanks, I really appreciate it.

DAJK: Way ahead of y’all! See you at the finish! *bolts off*

Chasmmi: We’re gonna have to keep an eye on him.


CONFESSIONAL - YourMother: I’ll admit I can vote with Slambros in future eliminations, but the guy needs a friend. I can do that.

CONFESSIONAL - DAJK: I’ve seen this show! I know that at least with out team, I have good chances of getting second immunity.


Numbers: Okay, there’s gotta be some good stuff around here, and, oh, Goffe! Good to see you!

Goffe: Likewise. I found the clues. These look legit.

Numbers: Well damn, I’m impressed. Let’s just go ahead to the pavilion now.


*BourneFan walks around the castle. He finds clues.*

AABATTERY: You sure you know what you’re doing? That these are legit?

BourneFan: Do you not remember the flash fight? I’ve got this.

Fancyarcher: Don’t tell me the success has gone to your head.

BourneFan: Not even remotely.


CONFESSIONAL - BourneFan: Okay, maybe it did a little, but hey! I feel good about this week!


Slambros: *to self* stay calm, stay calm!

YourMother: Relax, buddy. Don’t let the last challenge get to you.

Slambros: What? I didn’t! It’s not like any monster is going to get me!


*Suddenly, a beast appears, an Anubis like creature. He has a guitar and sounds vaguely like Owen Wilson.*


Slambros: Oh, fuck this! *Runs for his life, screaming crazy loud. The sandcastle begins to break.*


JJ-8: OMG it’s raining! I love to put my tounge out and collect the rain! Ooohhhh, tastes sandy!

CoolEric: Me too! It’s so grainy!

That One Guy: What are you doing, get out, everyone!

AABATTERY: But I still need a clue for that one!

That One Guy: Hey, that’s a pretty good one!

*They all run for the pavilion.*


Wrath: We need a way out of here!

WrathOfHan: Got a weapon for this?

Wrath: No, not exactly!

WrathOfHan: Not even a bazooka?

Wrath: Well, I do have a BayTech pocket zuke!

WrathOfHan: Perfect! *He climbs on Wrath’s back.* Fire at the ground!

Wrath: You are crazy! Here we go! *They blast out of the roof of the sandcastle, forming an arc just like that in the Disney logo. They crash into the sand, of the beach, but are unharmed.*

WrathOfHan: Impressive! But this doesn’t mean we’re friends now.


*We later see Numbers and Goffe exit the castle, running out. Arlborn leaves, riding a wave of collapsing sand using Eevin as a surfboard.*


Eevin: We’re alive! And we’re never doing that again.

Arlborn: Come on, it was fun!

ChipMunky: We need to go the pavilion! Of course, making it out alive might have us win by default.

Numbers: Dark, I’m intrigued.


Ethan Hunt: Slambros is behind this, I swear.

Elcaballero: Can you not be a little bitch for like 3 minutes!

Ethan Hunt: Shut it. Or I’ll hit you where the stars don’t shine.

DAJK: Was that a forced John Greene reference?

Ethan Hunt: Ugh....this is Spaghetti’s fault. I can feel it.


RandomJC: We have to hurry out!

That One Guy: Wait, is that? *A sinkhole begins to form* OH SHIT! RUN!

RandomJC: None of this can possibly be legal!

BourneFan: *yells like tarzan and grabs TOG and RandomJC on a vine made from sand.*

BourneFan: I knew it was a good idea to let the success go to my head!


*Everyone makes it out of the castle and arrives at the pavilion, barring CoolEric and chasmmi.*

Arlborn: Suck it, Creech won’t help you this time!

*CoolEric runs out of the castle, throwing a bit of sand at Arlborn’s face.*

Arlborn: Oh, come on!


*The castle suddenly collapses completely, and the sinkhole vanishes.*

Spaghetti: So, um....did chasmmi die?

Ethan Hunt: Looks like it, *fake crying* I guess now I must lead the team. I must have had the high score, so the rank must be mine.

Slambros: Wait, what’s that.....?


*Chasmmi walks up from under the sand, walks to a pavilion, makes predictions, and glares at Ethan.*


Spaghetti: So, uhhhh......results in an hour!


*Everyone begins to glare at Slambros for collapsing the castle.*

Slambros: So.......marshmallows, anyone?


CONFESSIONAL - Goffe: I feel very confident about this week. With Numbers at my side, nothing can stop me.

CONFESSIONAL - CoolEric258 and Creech: Creech showed me the way out, here! I’m starting to think he likes me!

CONFESSIONAL - Wrath: I was impressed with WrathOfHan today. He seems familiar....




*Everyone is at the amphitheatre.*


Spaghetti: It's now time for the dreaded results. Get ready, this could spell out the big winners and losers for this season. First, a look at the actuals.





LOGAN - $17.82m

BEFORE I FALL - $0.99m

THE SHACK - $6.01m

TABLE 19 - $0.13m

GET OUT - $13.44m

ROCK DOG - $0.25m

FIST FIGHT - $0.46m


Spaghetti: Aliens, please step up. Here are your scores.



@Goffe- 86.60%

@4815162342 - 80.27% (with 1.5% bonus)

@Eevin - 74.06%

@WrathOfHan - 70.95%

@Wrath - 70.90%

@Arlborn - 68.87% (with 1.5% penalty)

@ChipMunky - 66.16%

AVERAGE: 73.97%


Congratulations, Goffe, you are the team’s guardian, by being their highest scorer.

*Numbers and Goffe high five. ChipMunky seems a bit bummed about his score*



Spaghetti: Robots, you’re next.



@DAJK - 71.49%

@chasmmi - 69.21%

@elcaballero - 66.54%

@YourMother - 63.15%

@Ethan Hunt - 62.29%

@slambros - 52.94%



DAJK is the team’s guardian. Well done.

*Slambros is hyperventilating.*

CONFESSIONAL - Slambros: Well, guess I better pack my bags.



Spaghetti: With the Robots coming in under the Aliens, the Awesome Aliens are guaranteed immunity this weekend. But will they take first? Let’s see if the toons have anything to say about that!



@BourneFan #1 - 81.05%

@That One Guy - 73.25%

@JJ-8 - 72.39%

@Fancyarcher - 69.48%

@CoolEric258 - 67.47%

@RandomJC - 65.77%

@aabattery - 62.05%

AVERAGE: 70.21%


BourneFan, you crazy devil, are the team’s guardian.

AABATTERY: No way, this is rigged!

RandomJC: Don’t worry, we’re safe!

Spaghetti: Indeed you are.



Spaghetti: But I digress. The Awesome Aliens win the week! *The aliens cheer, and Numbers and Goffe hug tightly, interrupted by Arlborn giving a huge group hug.* They all get three coins to spend at the tuck shop, and immunity this week. Toons, you get no coins, but are safe. *AABATTERY sighs in relief*


Elcaballero: No!

Spaghetti: Yes. Sorry Robots, but you will be the first team to go to Tribal Council. You must send one of your participants home. DAJK, being your guardian, is immune, however.

DAJK: Nice!

Slambros: *bags in hand, with a defeatist attitude* Way ahead of you.

Spaghetti: Not so fast, I have one last secret challenge for a second immunity idol. Win the challenge, and it’s yours.

Ethan Hunt: Out of the way, everyone. The smartest, most dashing predictor should have it.

DAJK: Then why are you in such a hurry?

Ethan Hunt: Wrath! I may need to borrow one of your weapons one day.

Wrath: *from distance* Not gonna happen!


Spaghetti: Check the info in the box below, everyone. This includes second immunity challenges, tuck shop deals, and more. See you all next week on....BOT SURVIVOR!





Every week, a subset of items will be on sale at the tuck shop. Buy a quick boost now, or wait for something better down the road! Here is everyone's current balance. If you are not listed, you have 0 coins.


The guardian of each team gets two coins.

Every member of the winning team gets three coins.


Current Balance

5: Goffe

3: Numbers, Arlborn, Eevin, ChipMunky, Wrath, WrathOfHan

2: BourneFan, DAJK


CANDY APPLE - 3 Coins (Gives your weekend predictions a boost of 2%.)


This is the only item on sale this week. PM me if you want it by Thursday, March 23rd at 11:59PM EST! Also, remember that you do not need to use it this week! Simply indicate in any weekend game when you will be using it!



Sorry, Robots, but you will be sent to the Tribal Council. All robots must send me a PM with who they wish to vote off the island. However, there is hope. The second immunity challenge is also listed below. Winning the challenge will make you immune from elimination for this week.



Beauty and the Beast

The Belko Experiment

The Sense of an Ending


Fifty Shades Darker


Votes are due by Wednesday at 5PM EST.

Second Immunity predictions are due by Tuesday at 11:59PM EST.


Best of luck to all robots!



For people who love to start things early!





Saban's Power Rangers

Beauty and the Beast

The Belko Experiment

T2: Trainspotting

Kong: Skull Island

The LEGO Batman Movie

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story



Predictions are due by Thursday at 11:59PM EST.



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2 hours ago, JJ-8 said:

Awesome performance team Toons!  Now to take down those pesky Aliens! 



poor robots. Their best overall is 7th......:D

Which will make for even more uplifting drama when we kick everyone's ass next week :ph34r:


@Ethan Hunt @YourMother @slambros @chasmmi @elcaballero , we the best motherfuckin team on this island, this week be damned :)

Edited by DAJK
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Predict the films on the MovieTickets.com Top 5, along with the top 5% sale percentages, at 11:59PM EST on Thursday Night!


  • 1 point for each film accurately included (bonus +2 for all 5 correct)
  • 1 point for each film in the proper rank (bonus +2 for all 5 correct)
  • The percentages themselves will be scored derby style. You do not have to have the correct films corresponding to the 


EXAMPLE: You predict a top 5 of the following

LIFE - 55%

Boss Baby - 10%

Trainspotting - 7%

BATB - 4%

CHIPS - 3%


Suppose only LIFE, BATB, and CHIPS are on the list, and LIFE and BATB are in the right positions. You get five points. The percentages will be scored against whichever film is in that position (i.e. you will be scored for your percentage predictions independent of whichever film you predicted to have that percentage.) Then, your derby score for the five percentages will be multiplied by the number of points you received in the film accuracy section.




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