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Doctor Sleep | November 8 2019 | Ewan McGregor is Danny | Jacob Tremblay joins

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2 hours ago, dudalb said:

No the idea you should not read the novel for fear of spoiling the movie is dumb.

But it would not hurt for more people here to occasionaly read a fucking book once in a while...


Never read the book ≠ Never reads books.


It's a big ol' leap to assume @Jake Gittes never reads books just because he didn't read The Shining. I'm not sure what your beef is with him is here. He's quite clearly laid out what he thought of the film itself and none of that really justifies your attitude towards him.

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6 hours ago, dudalb said:

"Never read the novel:,


I have seen some pretty stupid statements here, but that is near the top.



That wasn't me telling people what to do, I just noted again that I have never read this novel (so the way I see Wendy isn't based on anything other than the film). Just how defensive do you have to be to immediately leap over that and decide that I'm using this thread to advocate illiteracy? Christ this is actually hilarious. Don't worry, I read books. Books are cool. People should read them more. 

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On 6/18/2018 at 7:42 PM, dudalb said:

You just described the Wendy of the novel;


On 6/19/2018 at 6:10 AM, Jake Gittes said:

never read the novel.



Is this really so confusing? Perhaps we should change Jake's use of read to spell red and dudalb's use of read to spell reed. All this would be resolved.

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31 minutes ago, NickDisney13 said:


Carl Lumbly is a good pick but man how I loved Scatman Crothers - he was perfect for me in that part.  Still not sold on Ewan - don't really care for his American accents.

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