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Can Johnny Depp make a comeback or is he over?

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A comeback?


11/16/18 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald WB $153,592,713 4,163 $62,163,104 4,163 8
3/23/18 Sherlock Gnomes
Par. $43,242,871 3,662 $10,604,774 3,662 27
11/10/17 Murder on the Orient Express (2017) Fox $102,826,543 3,354 $28,681,472 3,341 11
5/26/17 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales BV $172,558,876 4,276 $62,983,253 4,276 7


(And of course the WW numbers are even better)


Doesn't he need to leave at least a couple of years before coming back?




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5 hours ago, Telemachos said:

What director would want to ask for him, knowing full well that your career might get shitcanned because of his actions?


TBH, Barangh casting him as the dude everyone wanted to murder in TMOTOE was lovely.  ;)


But other than that, as Jackson Maine says: Maybe it's time to let the old ways die.

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He might turn to the indie route down the road if he gets his act together but his days as an A-list box office draw are over and done with. The Fantastic Beasts movies are the only thing keeping him completely submerged in Nicolas Cage level DTV Hell (and the future of that franchise is looking doubtful after the diminished critical/financial returns for this one).

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8 hours ago, Napoleon said:

He's a man. He will always get another chance.


Plus, it's not like he showed a nipple at the Super Bowl, or tried to expose Harvey Weinstein. He never committed any of those crimes considered unforgivable in Hollywood.


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In order for Depp to have a comeback he would need to have already been gone for a while, would he not? At the moment he’s just kinda there, not entirely wanted but not hated by everybody. It seems that there was a fair amount of people who liked his performance in the recent Fantastic Beasts movie so he’s definitely sticking around for those, he’s also starring in an upcoming movie called Waiting for the Barbarians alongside Robert Pattinson. I’m kinda glad Pirates is moving on without him, he needs to break away from that role anyway.

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In minor roles or cameos are better for him. Murder On The Orient Express is an example. 


As an actor in a leading role probably not but I am not going to say no yet. So I’m 50/50 on it.


Possibly yes: Depp needs to find better  scripts and stop being typecasted so much. That’s why celebrities like Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Melissa McCarthy, or even Michael Cera don’t even bring people into cinemas anymore.


Possibly No: once again typecasting, fatigue of Johnny Depp no matter what he’s in from “normal” guy in duds like Rum Diary or Tramscendence, To his wacky characters in other dumps like Dark Shadows or Mortdecai. Also he’s franchise bait as well.... that only last 20 minutes only not 6 years dormancy(Alice 2 or Pirates 5). 


Another no is his personal life with his ex-wife Amber Heard and supposedly being abusive to her. In today’s heated mess of a society, we don’t wanna root for some dude who’s a quack in real-life. We wanna root for some fresh meat  like a new lead of focus on eye candy Of sexy ladies in film.  


Verdict: Depp is a has been who should stick with  supporting work to keep the lights on. But for a leading man he should focus more on independent or Netflix stuff and go back to the “normal” guy style and should ease off the goofiness.


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