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It seemed like an impossible task to topple the highest grossing film of all time Titanic, that was until he came back 10 years later in 2009 to show us all how it's done with Avatar. Director of Avatar, Titanic, True Lies, Terminator 2:Judgment Day, The Abyss, Aliens and The Terminator. - How many Jim fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? It doesn't matter, we are better than you.
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  2. My favorite Film of all time --Titanic-- 10/10 A master Piece that brought families and people together of all walks for one heck of a moment of time. 2. Terminator2 ---THe greatest Sequel and just a breakthrough in pushing the envelope bigtime.. James Cameron and Arnold at their finest for this one. Be sure to see the collectors Edition.. Makes the movie believe it or not even better. 3. Avatar ... This was the great overall experience and most involving movie I ever saw. I simply forgot I was in a theater and became one with this planet and enviroment in this one. Holy Bat Guano... I saw 75-80+ yr olds in awe and Crying at Sci-Fi... THis is testament of how special James Cameron Event movies can be--- Even today.. I dont think a scifi can even come close to mesmorizing and sweeping audiences up in a whole new world and forget where there are using sounds, surround 3D and technology then combine it with story music and moments that cause you to just sit back and state to yourself. Did I really just experience this in a theater :)... Will post more soon :).. James Cameron is the Alpha!
  3. We back soon and then it's all gravy until Avatar 5.
  4. Hope everyone in the club is doing okay through COVID - I know JC himself is doing fine down in NZ but hope everyone in here is okay too! We all gotta see that A2 opening night.
  5. Titanic is my absolute favourite, and in fact among my favorite film of all time. I have to say though, the combined experience of watching Avatar in 3D, following its box office trajectory to the top of the world, and as a result getting more invested in following box office. That's a memorable experience.
  6. 9/10 seems like a good grade, yep. It was mind-blowing when seen for the first time though, solid 10/10 back then.
  7. I've admittedly only seen Avatar once the whole way and didn't get a chance to see it in cinemas but am planning a rewatch very soon. I at least can admire Cameron for taking the time to make the sequels (hopefully) great. Preproduction on these films is paramount.
  8. I rewatched it the other day and had forgotten just how brilliant it was in the cinema, and it holds up on repeat viewing anyway. Moving and just a great cinematic experience. it is so easy to say "avatar was rubbish" even when you enjoyed it at the time.
  9. a solid 9/10, the experience in cinema was like no other, it has room for improvement so expect 10/10's for the sequels
  10. They're all masterpieces but Aliens is my personal favorite. If one of them is on I have to watch it.
  11. Avatar - C- Titanic - A+ True Lies - A Terminator 2 - A+ Aliens - A+ Terminator - A+
  12. What is your favourite Jim film of all time? Mine is Terminator 2: Judgment Day. What score/rating do you give each of his filmography? Avatar: 9.5/10 Titanic: 10/10 True Lies: 8.5/10 Terminator 2: Judgment Day: 10/10 The Abyss: 8.5/10 Aliens: 10/10 The Terminator: 10/10

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