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Hail, Caesar! | Feb 5 2016 | Coen Bros comedy. Clooney, Brolin, Fiennes, Swinton, Scarlett, Tatum and Hill.

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I put true grit in the pretty good but not great or anything category which of course makes it one of their worst films.


I put it in the way better than the original True Grit.  :ph34r:


anyways.. this trailer was amazing. it makes me want to eat it. 

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Have to chime in because of my name...ha.  Kudos to those who can identify the two stars of the original Highlander in this trailer!  Nice to see them in another film together, regardless of whether they share any screen time...though I would love to see that!


"Meh trailer" ?  Really?  I'm no Coen Brothers fanboy, believe me, but this sparks my interest in the old 'Hudsucker Proxy' vibe...I love it!

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