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Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good day. We are proud to announce that we have hired three new moderators to the staff. We were looking for one or two but we had so many excellent candidates that we decided to hire three moderators-one of them in the US, two of them internationally. With three new moderators, we will be able to continue to make Box Office Theory the best box office forum on the internet.


The new hires are:





We are also proud to announce @grim22, one of our most fantastic moderators, has been promoted to become a Junior Admin. 


We thank everyone who sent in their nominations and their applications! We had many high quality people we wanted to hire and hopefully they try again the next time we decide to hire new moderators!

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1 minute ago, DamienRoc said:

The lack of an ignore list will take some getting used to.


I'll try not abuse my newfound powers too soon. Only one or two neck snaps. Honest.

Give into dark side give everyone a warning post. Included this one. Test your new powers. Let your hate consume you. 

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