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The Disaster Artist - Movie about making of "The Room" | Dec 8 2017

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26 minutes ago, Rth TIFF said:

I haven't seen Room been meaning t


DA fun movie great reaction, Franco seem to do a good job 

At end, they do quite few scenes side by side orig vs current 

Do you think this is the kind of story that might find a somewhat large-ish audience?


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Franco absolutely nails Wiseau, and the results are predictably hilarious: this is effectively an excuse to extend The Room‘s comic value, as manifested through Wiseau’s performance on purpose. This isn’t Ed Wood, which allowed its sweetly delusional protagonist a history-rewriting triumphant ending: The Disaster Artist makes it clear that whatever his troubles (and the film has sympathy for a man who genuinely can’t understand why others range from being merely baffled to actively repelled by him), Wiseau ran a terrible set and treated others badly. It’s OK to laugh at and condescend to his movie: he has the money to insulate himself from the consequences, has actually turned a profit on it since and really he didn’t earn the right to anything better. The Disaster Artist is a one-joke movie, and that joke is a person, but it’s a very good joke abetted by a very good supporting cast (including Seth Rogen doing his spot-on thing) and the fringe period details (posters for BaitThirteen Ghosts and Ready to Rumble) are pretty perfect.



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