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Eternals | Marvel Studios | Nov 5 2021 | Magnum-Opus by Oscar winner Chloe Zhao - Marvel's first rotten movie | Dips into the 40s on RT, B CinemaScore

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The Most Poetic Marvel Film Yet
Chloé Zhao, the director of Eternals, prioritizes humanism over action. The result is a soulful, refreshing superhero tale.


Zhao seems most eager, though, to depict the Eternals’ bonds with the mortals they’ve lived beside. Her camera dwells on these interactions. In these moments, Zhao channels the singular humanistic vision that guided her stunning indies such as The Rider and Nomadland.
Much of Eternals possesses the same meditative magic: Natural light bathes the characters and sublime landscapes surround them.


But as a film that must introduce 10 characters Eternals also has much to explain. I’d braced myself for some prosaic exposition—no Marvel movie, 26 films in, can escape the greater apparatus of the franchise—but almost every flashback required further explanation.


More often than not, though, information dumps slow the narrative. Such weighty comic-book history may help to explain how the weirder corners of the Marvel universe work, but they mostly distract from the film’s interest in the Eternals’ intense bonds. The fact that these scenes are frequently drenched in CGI doesn’t help: -spoiler delete-, abandoning Zhao’s signature style. It’s like listening to an orchestra that occasionally veers out of tune.


Still, Zhao’s delicate examination of her characters outshines Eternals’ duller and more convoluted moments. The most tragic blow doesn’t come from a fist, but from a single look exchanged between two characters. That’s an ambitious approach—to sink a Marvel-size budget into a personal character study and still keep it feeling like a sweeping blockbuster. Only Zhao could have made it so.



this sum up nicely its strong/weak points and why it's being divisive from everyone, even among usual marvel marvel friendly critics. 


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20 minutes ago, Porthos said:

Y'all should have known this was gonna happen once that talk about Zhao being attached to a SW film surfaced a while back.


SW Curse Strikes Again.  smdh, just shmdh. :sadno: :sadno: :sadno: 


(yes, this is a joke, and one mostly at my own [fandom's] expense)


I unironically think SW is better suit for her. She excels at intimate and SW likes their intimate finales rather than heroes fight a giant CGI blob. 


ROTJ - Luke/Vader/Palaptine 


ROTS - Obi Wan/Anakin/Padme/twins


TROS - Reylo/Palaptine/Rey's new name 


RO - Jin/her father's legacy/Cassian


Except for ROTS, they all have some space battle going on in the background but the focus is on intimate, relationships, emotional. So I'd say Zhao will soar here. 

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12 minutes ago, Eric Atreides said:

Oh and by the way Firepower, if you're upset that I'm holding your garbage, offensive statements accountable and think I'm being too immature, let it be known that a mature person doesn't hang around in forums or environments they don't like being in. If you're not a fan of my moderation style, you're free to go elsewhere ;)

No, Eric, I'm fine with all the others here, it's just you, for some reason you can't handle a different opinion from yours and think it's offensive, and then you quickly press the button. I know folks like you, I can only assume you are a college kid who spends a lot of time on twitter.


12 minutes ago, Eric Atreides said:

Firepower does this song and dance all the time about how woke critics give any movie that stars somebody with an XX chromosome a pass, regardless of quality, which...yeah, says a lot to me.

Says to me you didn't read those reviews or you want to pretend people don't have biases (including idelogical), and about "any movie that stars somebody with an XX chromosome" it's your words, I never said that.

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Just now, Ryaner90 said:

Jeez what a backtrack


I backtracked because there seemed to be immediate "OMG Chloe Zhao and Marvel hated each other!" replies and quote tweets and that is not what I meant. I mentioned I'd heard something and if the movie isn't good and if that was true, it'd be interesting to see how the Hollywood press addresses it.

If I "Full Disclosure" anything it means calm down, this isn't end of the world stuff.

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2 minutes ago, The GOAT said:

Bewildered that this is getting worse reviews than the Black Widow.  

Still in awe of how that movie got a 79 RT




I really found it boring. I also found CM really bad. Cant imagine I would not like Eternals more. Oh well.

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hmm.. it wouldn't be surprise tho.



I thought it was interesting we got editor name in 2021.

then months later,  we found out marvel's go to editor was also editing too.

so total 3 editors were involved in this. but she praise them for helping her. also showed respect on recent instagram.


also it's normal to have creative disagreement in some way. like salma mentioned she had some big discussion about script with chloe. every film go through this.

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3 minutes ago, SpiderByte said:

ViewerAnons reliability is kind of a coin flip so


I love when I post something, immediately clarify that I'm not sure if it's true because the timeline the source provided doesn't match up with information from leaks, and people are like "idk if VA's information is gonna hold up 🤔"


That's... the point. It was an interesting thing I'd heard taken in tandem with the more muted than normal critical response, not a scoop broadcasting Marvel's dirty laundry to the world

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