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Derby Leagues Rules, Teams, Information & Help

A lot of new Derby Players. A long summer. Unlike sports fantasy league where an inactive team can still win in Derby that would be an automatic loss. I've thought of an alternative but I'll leave it up to the players  

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  1. 1. Player A plays - Player B is a no show ( Player B will aways get a loss for that week)

    • Player A always gets a win automatically
    • Player A only gets a win if they beat the Derby Average for that week. Otherwise gets a loss
    • Player A only gets a win if they beat the Derby Average for that week. Otherwise gets a tie

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  • There is no cost to play the Derby League.  You just have to be a forum member.
  • Each League will contain 10 members.
  • Each week you will be pitted against a fellow league member.
  • Your weekly Derby % score determines the winner.
  • 1st 9 weeks will be a round robin format against each league member.
  • Last 3 weeks will be the playoff. ( 6 teams... 1st & 2nd receive a 1st round bye )
  • The middle weeks will be ranked competitions ( 1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th, 5th vs 6th, 7th vs 8th, 9th vs 10th )
  • For ties in number of wins... Total % over the league will be the tie-breaker
  • Late entries - I've been generous in accepting entries PMed to me after, but close, to the deadline.  To win a league match YOU MUST have your entries in by the deadline.  For those of you that wait until the last few minutes to enter you picks you might want to change you strategy.  Put in your picks earlier and only attempt to make edits late.  The only exception is multiple people report website issues near the deadline in which case I'll extend the deadline.


1st-3rd place in each league will receive prizes:


1st place: 3 Months in the 'League Champion' winner group ( gold account equivalent )

2nd place: 2 Months of premium ( $20 account credit )

3rd place: 1 Month of premium ( $10 account credit )


How To Play The Derby

If you've never played the Derby you need to go to the BOT website and make sure you can sign in.  You use your normal Forum email/password.  If you have always used facebook/twitter to sign into the forums you might have to create a website login. (there is a link for that on the login screen) If you do that use your current display name and send me a PM.




All the Derby links are under the 'Box Office Derby' menu item.  Every week on Tuesday or Wednesday I will create the next weekends game. I always post a pinned topic in the Derby forum letting you know it's open and I post a link to the prediction page.

1st week thread:


Predictions are due THURSDAY at 11:59pm PDT. 


Late predictions will not be accepted for league matches unless I determine there were website issues in which case I'll extend it 24 hours.


Many players like to wait until Thursday late to put in your predictions.  This is a bad habit.  Put in your picks as soon as the game opens then edit if needed Thursday night.


YOU MUST PICK ALL 10 movies.  When you hit save all predictions should be green and at the top it'll say 10 of 10 picked.  Not picking a movie gives a zero for the week.


More infomation on how to pick



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Please vote in the poll.  


If you decide you don't want to play anymore sometime during the season let me know so I can try to replace you.


Players that drop out during the season will be replaced by a new player if I can find one.  The Derby Average will be the opponent until a replacement is found.


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5 hours ago, Quigley said:

So the teams are independent from the Derby? As in, even if we lose, we can keep playing the Derby but we won't be part of this competition?

Yes.  It is like a tournament. It uses your weekly Derby score but is has separate ways to win.  You are basically using your weekly score all summer to compete with 9 other players over the summer.



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Teams have been generated.  I used random.org.  Once. Happy the way it came out.  There will be some great matchups. 


I will create a topic for each League later (I gotta do some work today). Each league will have a name so start thinking about it.  If the team members don't come up with one I will. (you don't want that)


If people have no patience someone and wants to start the topic for their league go ahead.  (It's never too soon for trash talking) Thread title should be League # and 1st post should contain team members only (@ed so they get pinged)


League 1












League 2




The Fast and the Furiosa








League 3





Rolling Thunder







League 4


Trease is the Word


That Ambitious Guy




Premium George




League 5




Lights Camera Action




Critically Acclaimed Panda



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