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Whenever you create a new thread topic (especially for discussion/prediction threads, clubs, "Over/Under"s, etc.), PLEASE post the name and link in *this* thread so that we can add it to the archives!


1) CLUBS/OVER-UNDERs/VERSUS threads will generally not be allowed in the main forum until 6 months or less before a film's release UNLESS that movie has a trailer out. However, those threads ARE allowed in the new Clubs subforum--up to 1 year from release!

2) Use your best judgment on whether a new thread is really necessary or not. For example, Over/Under threads should typically be reserved for films that are already in release and are chasing a specific gross benchmark.

3) Please post your new topic and its link here in this thread when you make it. This helps us archive topics a little easier, which makes it easier for you to find clubs down the road. ;)

Additional rules:

On 7/1/2013 at 6:45 AM, baumer said:

Hello members:
I'll keep this short and sweet.  Please, when making clubs (an over club, an under club and so on) tell us why you are starting the club.  What we are trying to accomplish with this is that it's better to start a club that you feel strongly about instead of just starting a club for the hell of it. 
For example, this is what we don't want:
Expendables 3 over Expendables 2 Mission:
Who's in?
There is no thought to this and it's arbitrary.
A club should be 8-10 sentences.  Put some thought into it, do a little research, give us some historical data, some precedent.  In short, make the club look sexy.
Any questions let us know. 
The Staff


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What are the highest grossing FOURTH and FIFTH movies (domestic)?
What boxoffice runs are unbelievable in retrospect?
What is the new "$1 billion"?
What is Star Power? When big name actors can't fill seats
What older blockbusters would reach their adjusted total if they were released today?
What was number one when you were born?
Official What Went Wrong Thread
What number would the opening weekend be if......
What will be the first film to be on 5K theaters (and when will it happen)
When estimates are off by 100% or more
What Will Break DH2's $314m Overseas Opening Weekend?
When will Universal have their first 100m OW?
When will we get a 250M OW? What film could do it?
Which Film will be next OW champ?
Which is more disappointing?
Why are weekend estimates given out on Sunday morning?
Why don't they make more chick flicks for September?
Why is June a weaker summer month than may or july?
Why are post-Thanksgiving weekend drops so high?
Why studios don't release family big blockbusters in december?
Will there ever be a BILLION DOLLAR R-rated Film???
Worst Hit Films of All Time?


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5 Reasons TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Could (Should) Be Summer's Biggest Global Blockbuster
GODZILLA Tracking For Monstrous $75 Million+ Domestic Bow (BO.com Analysis)

BO.com Analysis: NEIGHBORS, 22 JUMP STREET Poised to Lead Summer of Comedy; Will TAMMY, SEX TAPE, or LET'S BE COPS Break Out?
BO.com: Will X-MEN, DRAGON 2, or TRANSFORMERS Be 2014's First $100 Million Opener?
BO: 22 JUMP STREET Tracking for $55 Million+ June Debut
Summer's For The Girls, Too: Will THE FAULT IN OUR STARS & MALEFICENT Jump-Start June?
BO.com Analysis: May 2014 Posts Four-Year Low With $1.01 Billion
Does The Media Have A Responsibility To Avoid Spoiling—And Overhyping—STAR WARS: EPISODE VII?


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Grown Ups 2 Thread
Grudge Match Thread
Guardians of the Galaxy Thread
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Thread
The Guilt Trip Thread
The Gunman Thread

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Hail, Caesar! Thread

Hallowen (1978) Thread

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The Hangover III Discussion Thread

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Harker Thread

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Haunter Thread

Haunts Thread

Haywire Discussion Thread

Heaven is for Real Thread

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Heat Thread

The Heat Thread

Her Thread

Hercules: The Thracian War Thread

Here Comes the Boom Thread

Here There Be Monsters Thread

Hick Thread

Hidden Figures Thread

Highway Men Thread

High-Rise Thread

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise Thread

Hit and Run

The Hive Thread

Hitchcock Thread

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Discussion Thread

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Discussion Topic #2)

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Discussion Topic #1)

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesThread

Horrible Bosses 2 Thread

Home Thread

Homefront Thread

The Homesman Thread

Hope Springs Thread

Horns Thread

The Host Thread

Hot Wheels Thread

Hotel Transylvania Discussion Thread

Hotel Transylvania 2 Thread

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Thread

House, The


House at the End of the Street

How I Live Now Thread

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

How To Be Single

How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe Thread

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Thread

How To Train Your Dragon 3 Thread

Hugo Thread

The Humbling Thread

The Hundred-Foot Journey Thread

The Hunger Games Discussion Thread

The Hunger Games (Topic #2)

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Thread

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Thread

Hunter Killer Thread

The Huntsman Thread

Hurricane Katrina Love/Murder Story Thread

Hyde Park on Hudson Thread





I, Frankenstein Thread

I Saw the Light Thread

Ice Age: Continental Drift Discussion

Ice Age 5 Thread

Icon Thread

Independence Day 2

Identity Thief Thread

If I Stay Thread

The Imitation Game Thread

Immortals Discussion

The Impossible Thread

In the Heart of the Sea Thread

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Thread

Independence Day 2 Thread

Independence Day 3D Thread

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete Thread

Inferno Thread

Infinitely Polar Bear

Inherent Vice Thread


Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Out Thread

Insidious Chapter 2 Thread

Insidious: Chapter 3 Thread

Instructions Not Included Thread

The Divergent Series: Insurgent Thread

The Internship Thread

The Intern Thread

Interstellar Thread

The Interview Thread

Into the Storm Thread

The Intouchables Thread

Into the Woods Thread

Inversion Thread

Invertigo Thread

Irrational Man Thread

Iron Man 3 Discussion

Iron Sky Thread

Iron Sky: The Coming Race Thread

It Thread

It Follows Thread

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Labor Day Thread
Laggies Thread
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The Lake
The Lamb
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Last Vegas Thread

The Last Witch Hunter
Lawless Thread
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Left Behind Thread
Legend Thread
The Legend of Conan Thread
The Legend of Hercules Thread
Lego Batman Thread
The Lego Movie
The Lego Movie 2 Thread
LEGO's Ninjago Thread
Leprechaun Thread
Les Miserables Thread
Let It Snow Thread
Let's Be Cops Thread
Life of Pi Thread
The Lifeguard Thread
Lincoln Thread
Little Boy Thread

The Little Mermaid 3D Thread
Little White Corvette Thread
Live By Night Thread
Lockout Thread
The Loft Thread
London Has Fallen
The Lone Ranger Thread
Lone Survivor Thread
Lonely Island Thread
Long Halftime Walk
The Longest Ride Thread
Looper Thread
The Lorax Thread
The Lost Symbol Thread
Love and Mercy
Love, Rosie Thread
Love the Coopers
Lovelace Thread
The Lucky One Thread
Lucy Thread


Macbeth Thread
Machete Kills
Mad Max: Fury Road Thread
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Discussion

Madagascar 4 Thread
Madea's Witness Protection
Magic Mike Thread
Magic Mike XXL
Magic in the Moonlight Thread
Maggie Thread
The Magnificent Seven Thread
Maleficent Thread
Mama Thread
The Man From U.N.C.L.E Thread
Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom Thread

Manhunt Thread
Man of Steel Thread
Man of Tai Chi Thread
Man on a Ledge Thread
The Man With The Iron Fist Thread
Max Thread
The Maze Runner Thread
The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials Thread
The Maze Runner 3: Death Cure
Me And Earl and the Dying Girl
Me Before You
Men Go To Battle
Men, Women, & Children Thread
Moana Thread
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MARVEL UNTITLED Movie ( 7/8/16)
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Max Thread
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Men in Black 3 Discussion
Mercy Thread

Michelle Darnell Thread
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Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates Thread
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Mother/Daughter Thread
Mother's Day (Sharon Stone, Courtney Cox)
Mother's Day (Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston)
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Mr. Peabody and Sherman Thread
Much Ado About Nothing Thread
Mud Thread
Mumbai Musical Thread
The Mummy Thread
The Muppet's Discussion Thread
Muppets Most Wanted Thread
My All American

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Rio, I Love You Thread

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Robopocalypse Thread

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Rock the Kasbah Thread

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The Room

Rosa Discussion

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The Rules of Inheritance Thread

Run All Night Thread

Runner, Runner Thread

Rush Thread




Sabotage Thread

Safe Haven Thread

Safe House Thread

Same Kind of Different as Me

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Saw (2014 Re-release)

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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Thread

Self/Less Thread

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September Morn Thread

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The Seventh Son Thread

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Short Term 12 Thread

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Side by Side

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Son of Saul

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Stoker Thread


Storage 24 Thread


Straight out of Compton Thread

Strange Magic Thread


Stretch Armstrong Thread

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Suicide Squad Thread

Sundowning Thread

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The Town That Dreaded Sundown Thread
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Trash Thread
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Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas Thread
Tyler Perry's The Marriage Counselor Thread
Tyler Perry Presents We the Peeples Thread


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Underworld Awakening Discussion Thread
Underworld 5
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Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning Thread
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Untitled January 2016 Blumhouse Project
Untitled October 2016 Blumhouse Project
Untitled Christopher Nolan Flick July 21 2017
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Untitled Damon/Greengrass Bourne Film Thread
Untitled Next Bourne Chapter Thread
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Untitled New Line Comedy - 11/13/2015 Thread
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Untitled Spiderman Reboot 2017
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Untitled Tintin Sequel
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Untitled Warner Bros Animation- 2/10/17
Upside Down Thread
Upstream Color Thread
USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

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MEGA MARCH MAYHEM CLUB (Record gross & four 150m+ movies)
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April 2012-or the ultra Crowded Month
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August 2012: Action Madness (TR, TBL and TE2; Which will stand last ?)
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Sep. 7-9, 2012: Over/Under 2008's Post-Labor Day $68 million Total Box Office?
October Winner: Argo vs. Paranormal Activity 4 vs. Taken 2
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Let's Grade The Summer Previews!
My (and Your!) Summer 2012 Box Office Preview
Predict the #1 Movie Through the End of Summer
2012 Profit Thread
2012 Warner Bros. VS Sony Pictures' Epic Battle Thread
The Paramount's worst year since 2005
2012 40M OW thread
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What would be Disappointing 2012
Your top 10 bold predictions for 2012
Summer 2012 Bet Thread
Crime Battle of late 2012. What will win?
Will the Opening Weekend Record be Broken Twice this Summer?
Ten Years Ago Today, Box Office Was Changed Forever
2012 Comedy Battle
Surprise Hits/Biggest Bombs of 2012
Top 2012 midnight openings
Which group of movies will make the most money?
Horror 2012
Scary Animation Battle: Paranorman vs Frankenweenie vs Hotel Transylvaia
Which has the worst schedule?
Nov 22-Dec 13 2012, 22 days with no new wide releases?
Top 10 of Fall/Holiday 2012 thread
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Predict the number one film till the end of 2012
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2013: First year with six 300+ m movies?
CinemaCon 2013: Official Discussion Thread!
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February 2013
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The Last Stand Vs Parker Vs Bullet to the Head Vs Snitch
2013: Iron Man 3 (May 3) vs Man of Steel (Jun 14) vs Wolverine (Jul 26) vs Thor 2 (Nov 8)
Predict the number one film till the end of April 2013
Predict the number one film till the end of Summer 2013!
Arnie vs. Sly vs. Bruce (The Last Stand vs. Bullet to the Head vs. A Good Day to Die Hard).
2013. Sci-fi movie battle. Elysium, Star Trek II, Oblivion, After Earth, Pacific Rim.
2013 Spring Horror Movie Showdown: Carrie vs. Evil Dead vs. Mama vs. Texas Chainsaw 3D.
Baumer's Summer Game Season 6
MOVIE MOAN PODCAST: Our Summer 2013 Predictions! with filmnerdjamie, Phil Gee, Ed Douglas, & ShawnMR
Which summer 2013 movies do you think are most likely to disappoint?
Surprise hit of Summer 2013
The Big Three of May 2013 Club
The "No Summer 140 mill OW/400 mill Gross" club
2013: Top 10 Summer Crown Thread (DOM)
Top 3: May 2013 (IM3, STiD & Fast 6) Over May 2007 ($968,670,672)
May 24-26th (HO3, FF6, Epic + ST2, IM3) Record Breaker?
May 31st Box Office Battle: NOW YOU SEE ME vs. AFTER EARTH
Possibly 2 weeks in a row with 100m+ openers?
2013: TOP 5 SUMMMER (WW)
Comic-Con 2013 (7/18-7/21)
Summer Sleeper 2013?
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2013 over 2012 ($10.6B+)
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Biggest 2013 film by studio
Horror 2013
Impressive Box Office Feats of 2013??
Highest Grossing original property 2013
August Young Adult Novel Adaptation Battle: Percy Jackson vs. The Mortal Instruments
What would be disappointing 2013?
No kids/animated films in early November 2013/at all in October 2013
November Record Club
Will Anything Take The November 15th Spot?
Behemoth December 2013 Box Office
December- Can it Push 2013 Over the Top?
Christmas Day is WAAAAY too crowded this year
Bah-humbug! No film over $15m on Christmas Day 2013 club
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If 2013 does not break the annual domestic record...
2013 Global Box Office Market Share. WB leads, Sony Flops
‘Iron Man’ Led Record Year as Hollywood Spaced Out Movies
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First 2014 film to make 100M
2014 100M Films - 0 down, 33 to go
2014 40M OWs - 0 down, 22 to go
Best & Worst Legs 2014
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Your top 10 bold predictions for 2014
Thanks to Slow Summer, 2014 Box Office Now Trails 2013
2014: 8 or More 500M OS Movies - Current Record: 7 (2012)
2014: Top 10 Opening Weekend Predictions
Top 10 Worldwide Predictions of 2014
First 100M opening for 2014
Will there be a $1 billion (WW) movie in 2014?
2014 Week by week
2014: Biggest film by Month
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Horror 2014
3 Horror films in just the first 2 weeks of January
Guess the biggest horror of 2014
2014 Spring/Summer Horror Showdown: Oculus vs The Quiet Ones vs The Purge 2 vs Deliver Us From Evil'
2014 Original Sci-Fi Movie Showdown: Transcendence vs EoT vs JA vs Interstellar
2014 Battle of Biblical Epics: Noah vs Exodus
2014 Superhero Showdown: CA: TWS vs. TASM2 vs. XM: DoFP vs. GotG
No comic book film over 300M in 2014
At least 2 new franchises adaptation of YA books 2014 Club
Will there be any 350M+ DOM films in 2014 ?
Predict the Animated movies of 2014
MPAA Report For Last Year 2014 is released
What will be the biggest movie of 2014 not to hit number 1.
January-April 2014 Box Office Predictions
President's Day Weekend 2014 (CROWDED)
July 2014 - Desolate Wasteland? Only one 100m+ movie?
Predict Spring Blockbusters and Summer 2014
Summer of 2014 ten most interesting stories
What will be the biggest movie of Summer 2014?
Summer 2014 – Top 5 WW
2014 summer movies that will disappoint
Summer 2014 R Rated Comedy Showdown
No film of Summer 2014 over 315 million club
Summer 2014: What Went Wrong?
Comic-Con 2014
What will take the 4th of July 2014 spot?
2014: Summer Comparison
September-December 2014 over May-August 2014 Club
Record 200m films in 2014
What film will move to Halloween weekend? (2014)
2014 by genre: predictions for highest BO in each genre
Rank the Ending 2014 Box Office at December 31, 2014
studios profitability 2014
2014 Was the Worst Year for Movie Attendance Since 1995
10 Films Over 700M in 2015
Fall 2015 Over Fall 2003
Screw Disney: Universal Big 3 over 1B DOM
Cinemacon 2015
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Top 10 of 2015 predictions
2015: Top 12 Worldwide
2015: Top 10 Opening Weekend Predicitons
9 out of 12 months will have a film break its OW record 2015?
2015 Week by Week
Your Bold Predictions for 2015
January 2015 > That Dustbowl Called July 2014 Club
Who Will Win June 2015?
Summer 2015 Opening Weekend Boxoffice Predictions
2015: Record number of $300 million DOM films
Record number of billion dollar movies in 2015
Summer 2015 - TOP 10 WW
Biggest Bombs of 2015
2015: Record Number Of 100M Opening Weekends (Record: 4)
2015 Summer Comparison
Battle for 4th 2015.
Disney Over 7 Billion Worldwide in 2015
2015 100M Films
2015 40M OWs
2016 Discussion Thread
2016: 10 Films Over 1B Club
2016 WB's Big 3 Over 1B DOM
Top 10 Films of 2016 Predictions
Pixar 2015-2016 Over 1B
Fox Big 4 Over 1B
2016:Rank WW BO of Big 4 Superhero Blockbusters
2017 & Beyond Discussion Thread
First 2012 film to make 100m
2012's Indie Blockbuster
Highest Grossing Limited Movie of 2011
Top 10 of 2012 Predictions

2012 Attendance????
Were films like TA and THG released in Jan or Sep, would they have the same run like now?
Top Ten Openers throughout the Year
What will be the biggest R rated film of 2012

No animation/family movie in 2012 over 200M club
ZERO Family Films - Christmas 2012?
Box Office Theory's 2012 Preview
Most Impressive and Disappointing 2011 Performers
Top Box Office Performers 2011
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Performance of Sequels 2011
Rest of the November 2011 releases under/equal to 615m
Christmas 2011 studio self destruction?
Box Office Theory's DECEMBER 2011 PREVIEW
Bomb of the Year (BOY '11)
Holy Cow Batman! This week we have 7 new wide releases.

No 200M Movies this December Club
Tomato Watch '11 Winter - MI4 100% SH, GWTDT
Strategy behind "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas?"
Are typical ROM COMS kind of dead?
The Descendants Over $110m Club

Shame over Showgirls Club
Family/Animated Movies in 2011: What Went Wrong?

The Shawshank Redemption: Why so Dismal BO performance?
A step back in time, examining 2 big budget grossing films of the 70's
Was Titanic treated first as a flop?
The Hunger Games Series OVER The Twilight Saga Club
Forrest Gump (Best Run Ever?)
Star Wars about to leave the top 5
"Star Wars" 35th Birthday (The Most Epic Box Office Ever?)
Happy 30th B-Day "E.T." (Where does this rank as all time box office runs?)
30th Anniversary of "Blade Runner" and "The Thing" (Why didn't they perform well?)
Do you feel that Deathly Hallows Part 1 underperformed?
Why did the star trek movies never do well internationally?
What Caused a 52% Decline In Bond Between Thunderball & You Only Live Twice?
Minority Report- Why the low Boxoffice?
Bad Grandpa>75M Pageant
Baggage Claim - Above $10M opening?
Metallica Through the Never: Over or Under $2.8M opening
Retro Throw Back: 2005's King Kong- What Went Wrong?

Jungle Book over all 2016 CBMs
Neverending Story: Hollywood and its poor scheduling

The Quiet Ones over 15 mil OW
Unfinished Business over The Internship + Delivery Man DOM

The MEDIOCRE! Club - MI5 under FURY ROAD (domestic)

The 33 > 100M domestic

Sisters #1 R-Rated Comedy of 2015

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