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BOX OFFICE SURVIVOR: A Brand New Season - explanation of the game is on page one - All Players Found

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Twenty contestants enter. Only one will win.


Me and @Mr Pastaffelees have teamed up to reboot the classic Box Office Theory game, Survivor, based on the hit TV show.


Players will participate in box office prediction challenges, avoid elimination, create alliances, and more.


This game is a mix of the Summer/Winter game with Jandrew's Forum Games Story. Participants get an original role in a brand new, original story (written by me this time around), all while competing in a variety of fun box office challenges.


It's been a long time coming, but a new season is finally going underway! This season will be rife with new challenges, surprises, and, potentially, showmances. I'm searching for twenty players as opposed to the 18 from last season.


Last season, there was a set amount of slots for newcomers and a set amount of slots for veterans who have played in prior seasons. This season, there are no such set amounts--the twenty competitors can be comrpised of anyone. Because I'm writing the story this time around, the story will feel fresh no matter who is competing.


The three competitors might receive some sort of prize as well.


SIGN UP HERE BY MAKING A POST! Registration closes on August 11th 3 PM EST or until all 20 slots have been claimed.


I've personally become a fan of competitive game shows such as Survivor and Big Brother as of late so I feel very privileged to be a major part of the forum game! I have plenty of writing experience so you can count on me to write an entertaining story!


P.S. This post should be moved to the Survivor sub-forum after all of the slots have been filled. It being posted on the Box Office forum is just for recruitment purposes.





Advsior / Co-Host:

Mr Pastaffelees (a.k.a. Spaghetti)







Thanos Legion





YourMother the Edgelord





Premium George




Darth Lehnsherr


Claire of Themyscira

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If there's anyone interested in the game and on the fence about whether to join, I'll offer you an idea of the game:


So it's a weekly game like the summer/winter game. You're in a team of players, and you're sending in your own predictions of a few that weekend's box office grosses.


I'll ask all the players to send in predictions for a list's worth of films. For example,


Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The Lion King


The Farewell


Toy Story 4


You and all the other players will send in your predictions. Then when the box office actuals are unvieled on the Monday after the weekend, me and my advisor / co-host Spaghetti will calculate how close each of the players' predictions were to the actual gross. So the players will have an average score, and the players' scores will be averaged together to create a team score.


The team with the highest average score will be safe for the week, while the team with the lowest average score will have to eliminate one of their teammates.


Here's an example of what I'm talking about:


The Red Team

Rick Dalton's Average: 91.2%

Cliff Booth's Average: 88.5%

Simba's Average: 81.3%

Mufasa's Average: 67.7%

Average Score: 82.2%


Without the inclusion of gameplay twists (which I may or may not include), one player is eliminated from the game each week until there is a winner. So it's Survivor in the form of a box office game!


Please let me know if you have any questions!

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How many teams are there usually? If more than 2 I don't understand the difference between finishing first and being officially safe vs finishing in the middle (in which case it seems like that team would still be safe for that week by virtue of not being the lowest)?

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13 minutes ago, Thanos Legion said:

How many teams are there usually? If more than 2 I don't understand the difference between finishing first and being officially safe vs finishing in the middle (in which case it seems like that team would still be safe for that week by virtue of not being the lowest)?


So in usual seasons of Survivor, there are two teams. But sometimes, there may be three teams, or even four--in that case, the team in first place gets rewarded with items called Tokens that are given to each of the players of the winning team. Players collect tokens and trade them in for advantages in the game, such as a percentage increase or an extra vote. The person on the winning team who had the highest personal average gets more tokens than the others.


The middle placing teams do not all receive tokens in that manner. However, the highest scoring player on a middle placing teams receives tokens as a bonus. The highest scoring player on the last place team, the team that must go to tribal council, will receive tokens as well as personal immunity.


But yes, the only team that goes to Tribal Council is the one with the lowest average.

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4 hours ago, DAJK said:

I'm in. Hopefully I'm able to stay consistent once school starts but I'll do my best :) 


I think that might be a challenge for me as well, to be honest. But I think I'll be able to host it because it'll keep me wanting to be responsible with everything else. XD

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