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Top 100 Video Game Characters Poll - Deadline October 17th

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2 hours ago, 4815162342 said:


There's a difference between games that are just remakes of a movie and games that do an original take on a character from another medium

This is the answer here. 


eg. Arkham Batman is fine because that was a new Batman made for the game. Just like PS4 Spiderman.


But a Dark Knight Game voiced by Christian Bale... That batman is a no no. 

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I apologise to the people on this list that already said that/why they can't/wont make a list. This si the last time I bother you.


@Empire @The Stingray @MrPink @Michael Gary Scott @grey ghost @BourneFan #1 @JohnnY @RySenkari @Kalo  @#ED @Chewy @misafeco @baumer @Telehilation @75Live @Water Bottle  @langer @Mango @incognitoo @darkelf @ZattMurdock @Ethan Hunt @WrathOfHan @boomboom234 @Lordmandeep @Dexter of Suburbia @lancelot123 @snitch @RobrtmanAStarWarsReference @YourMother the Edgelord @Arlborn @Plain Old Tele @grim22  @Wrath   @Keanu @Sheikh  @Thanos Legion @ZeeSoh  @PanaMovie   @aabattery @CoolioD1 @Jake Gittes @That One Guy @Ethan Hunt @WrathOfHan @Wrath @Porthos @DeeCee @Water Bottle @IronJimbo @MrPink @Sheikh @Chewy @filmlover @Webslinger  @Avatree @Tower  @Mr Pastaffelees @RichWS @kayumanggi @Ms Lady Hawk @Jayhawk @Cmasterclay @Jason @AJG @K1stpierre @Barnack @Charlie Jatinder @MCKillswitch123 @cookie @JJ-8 @Morieris 

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I am going to start the countdown Monday evening Korean Time. 


If I get a list before I start the countdown, then I will add it. That is the final deadline. 

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5 minutes ago, chasmmi said:

We are approaching 400 different characters having received votes now. 


I am still the only person to vote for poor poor victimised Skjall :( 

hey, do you need me to send you mine?  I posted it up here ^^^  there is just the eligibility issues

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