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Top 100 Video Game Characters Poll - Deadline October 17th

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I made a top 55


1. Bulbasaur

2. Pikachu

3. Mewtwo

4. Charizard

5. Chain Chomp

6. Gengar

7. Squirtle

8. Link

9. Midna

10. Pancham

11. Pangoro

12. Professor Oak

13. Treecko

14. Red (Pokémon Red)

15. Donkey Kong

16. Yoshi

17. Wolf Link

18. Birdo

19. Eevee

20. Mew

21. Torkoal

22. Zelda

23. Venasaur

24. Decidueye

25. Greninja

26. Geralt

27. Turtwig

28. Lucario

29. Wolf Link

30. Lugia

31. Diddy King

32. Nosepass

33. Grovyle

34. Sceptile

35. Boo

36. Toad

37. Roy

38. Blastoise

39. Mudkip 

40. Blazeiken

41. The Sticks in Pong

42. Shepherd, Mass Effect

43. Big Boss

44. Jonesy, Fortnite

45. Jolteon

46. Espeon

47. Umbreon

48. Vaporeon

49. Espeon

50. Sylveon

51. Leafeon

52. Glaceon

53. Mipha, Breath of the Wild

54. Diddy Kong

55. Fernando Martinez

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19 minutes ago, cannastop said:

Did you make sure not to have more than 6 characters from a single game?

There are 30 different main series Pokémon games, that means I certainly didn’t include more than 6 characters from a single game

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On 10/12/2019 at 4:17 PM, Thanos Legion said:

1) Thanos :ph34r: (he's appeared in video games -- before he appeared in the MCU even)   

I'll probably try to put together an actual list, all I need to do is choose at least 3 great video games and at least 5 characters each to have a legal list.

It really is that simple yes :) 


Hopefully with one being about a Japanese Crime Boss with a heart of Gold. 

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I think this is the penultimate botherations I will send regarding this list. It's all very tight at the top and a couple of lists championing one soul or another could change a lot. 

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2-Jade (Dragon Quest XI S)



5-Samus Aran

6-Addam Origo  (Xenoblade 2)

7-Erik (Dragon Quest XI S)

8-Mythra (Xenoblade 2)

9-Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia)


11-Princess Zelda


13-Zidane (Final Fantasy IX)

14-Shulk (Xenoblade 1)




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